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Diving into the Inferno.


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Making your inner judge work for you.

Credit: Me (click to enlarge image) I’ve recently met my Inner Critic, who from now on I’m going to call my Judge, because it’s funnier and seeing the Critic as cartoon-like helps me be able to make him seem  (I … Continue reading

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Why I changed my blog’s description.

I just changed this blog’s header description slightly.  It now says “Confessions of a Recovering Borderline.”  There are two good reasons for this. This blog has always has been (and probably always will be) confessional in nature. In my last session, … Continue reading

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Paper tigers: why I choose understanding over rage.

I know I don’t need to (or should) forgive what the narcissists in my life have done to me. I will never again enable them or give them the benefit of the doubt.  I certainly won’t attempt to fix one … Continue reading

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Confusing patterns.

In the almost year and a half since I’ve been blogging, an interesting picture has emerged. I started to blog after I went no contact with my ex (actually very low contact since we have children) as a way to … Continue reading

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I’m not making any New Years resolutions.

It’s hard to believe, but I’m entering my third year since ousting the narcissistic psychopathic ex from my life once and for all. So much has happened since then. The other huge change I made in 2014 was starting this … Continue reading

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Tissue paper origami wings pressed down flat on the table now unrecognizable sharp edges that cut and slice No longer beautiful no longer delicate a paper thing bound for the trash made ugly by the rage of its creator because … Continue reading

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“Fun and easygoing” me.

I’ve noticed something strange lately. People are treating me differently. People actually seem to like being around me. Someone at work told me everyone who sits at our table says they love working with me because I’m fun, easygoing, and … Continue reading

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It isn’t all about me.

What I’m learning is that everything isn’t always about me. I used to always assume people were obsessing in a negative way about me and would interpret, say, a neutral expression or a lukewarm greeting as “that person must be … Continue reading

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Letting go of fear.

Sometimes I have funny thoughts when I’m just lying on my bed half asleep. It’s at those times my subconscious mind sometimes bubbles into consciousness (which makes the half asleep state similar to meditation). Anyway, the thought I had was … Continue reading

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