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Letting go of fear.

Sometimes I have funny thoughts when I’m just lying on my bed half asleep. It’s at those times my subconscious mind sometimes bubbles into consciousness (which makes the half asleep state similar to meditation). Anyway, the thought I had was … Continue reading

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Fear breeds narcissism; the antidote is vulnerability.

I think this article applies to anyone trying to heal from any personality disorder, PTSD, or the fallout of narcissistic abuse, so I’m posting it here too.

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I’m scared.

I might be about to commit blog suicide but I have to do what’s right regardless of the fallout. Yikes. Not quite ready but almost. Deep breaths.

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Worry: the useless emotion.

In recent years, several emotions have been called out as unhealthy or maladaptive for human happiness. These emotions are worry, shame and guilt. In a narcissistic society where selfishness is held as a virtue, these three emotions are indeed maladaptive, … Continue reading

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Looking fear in the face.

You gain strength, courage and confidence from every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You can say to yourself “I have lived through this horror, I can take the next thing that comes along”. … Continue reading

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Why family scapegoats become lifelong victims.

If you were scapegoated by your family, two things can happen. You can become a narcissist yourself (narcissism being an elaborate defense mechanism to avoid further hurt and abuse) or you will internalize the early message that you’re worthless, defective … Continue reading

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“There’s a killer on the road”…

Originally posted on Eye Will Not Cry:
~ Lost within his life’s direction… He took the wrong train connection… His destination is unknown… His eyes survey the gathered crowd… A quiet coach, no noise allowed… He sees her sat alone……

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The “fleas” of narcissism and being Aspie.

Fivehundredpoundpeep just posted this article yesterday, expanding on yesterday’s post about fleas acquired from narcissists who abused us, but this one from the perspective of an Aspergers sufferer who was horrifically abused and devalued by her sociopathic mother, MN sister, … Continue reading

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I’m ready to kick some narc ass.

Yesterday I wrote my rant about my psychopathic sperm donor getting an increase in his disability benefits because of his “homicidal tendencies.” I was amazed by everyone’s support and encouragement to call out this useless POS and fight the travesty … Continue reading

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Why does it hurt?

I found out something today that isn’t a given, but gives me a lot of hope. It’s a joyful thing if it’s true. It’s something I want so much to happen. So why does this information make my heart hurt … Continue reading

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