Six degrees of separation.

Six_degrees_of_separation_01 kevin_bacon

The theory of six degrees of separation–that every person on earth is separated from every other person on earth by no more than six people–is interesting to me.  It’s also extremely creepy.  But it could also be sort of comforting.   I suppose the same claim could be made for anything on earth, not just humans.  We are all connected?  Maybe.  It’s just one of those odd things I always think about.

Things to ponder:

How does the Internet play into 6DOS?  Would there be fewer “separations” between us all now that most people are online?   Were there more than six degrees of separation back in the days before electronic communication of any kind was possible? Or less, because there were fewer people?  Or does only IRL contact count?

I remember the game based on this theory called “The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” in which actors–any actors, be they in TV, film, or the stage–are linked to Kevin Bacon with the theory that no more than six individuals are between Bacon and anyone else.

Oh, and I came across the concept of 6DOS by reading about rickrolling.  Is any topic on the Internet only separated from any other by six degrees or less too?

ETA: A commenter just informed me that the number has been reduced to four and it’s probably because of Facebook.  I always suspected that Facebook was evil.  This proves it. Pretty soon there will be only one (or would it be zero?) degrees of separation between every person on earth, or at least those with Internet.   Oh, joy.  We can all hold hands and sing Kumbayah together.

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Thoughts that you can’t believe someone else thought about too.

time (1)

Sometimes I have weird thoughts. Sometimes I like to type them into Google to see if anyone else was thinking the same thing. Here’s something I think about a lot. Someone on Reddit had the exact same thought and posted it. It’s always incredibly cool when that happens.

Here is the thing I think about a lot but at least one other person does too.

The mid-90s are as far away as the mid-70s were in the mid-90s. But mid-70s seems like another world to me, mid-90s seem like yesterday.

It’s kind of hard to wrap my brain around that. Even more bizarre is this:

1990 is as far away from 2015 as 1990 was from 1965!

Or even:
1985 is as far away from 2015 as 1955 was from 1985! (but the 1980s are starting to seem kind of ancient to me actually).

The 90s just don’t seem that far away to me, but they are! I wonder if it’s just because I’m growing older and time is speeding up (at a rather frightening rate, too) or if people of all ages feel this way too. And if so, why? Did people who were the age I am now in 1990 think 1965 or the 1970s weren’t that far away? Do I just perceive a much larger gap of time from the 70s to the 90s or from 1965 to 1990 because I was much younger then? I think the culture has changed just as much in the past 25 years as it did in the 25 years before that. But the ’70s seem ancient (and sort of did in the 90s too if I remember correctly) and the ’90s don’t.

I thought I was the only one who had this thought…

…but apparently a lot of people do since it’s now a Facebook meme.


2008 was almost Eight. Years. Ago. WTF. Facebook was new and MySpace was still popular. Hardly anyone knew what a meme was. Bush was still president, for heavens sake.
2009 seems like a year ago. 2010 seems like 6 months ago. 2014 seems like…a couple of weeks ago? Seriously, what’s up with this? Does anyone know? Is it like fluoride in the water? Is someone messing with our minds? What gives?

I know, random post. I had no other ideas tonight.

I’m scared.

I might be about to commit blog suicide but I have to do what’s right regardless of the fallout. Yikes. Not quite ready but almost. Deep breaths.