I thought I was the only one who had this thought…

…but apparently a lot of people do since it’s now a Facebook meme.


2008 was almost Eight. Years. Ago. WTF. Facebook was new and MySpace was still popular. Hardly anyone knew what a meme was. Bush was still president, for heavens sake.
2009 seems like a year ago. 2010 seems like 6 months ago. 2014 seems like…a couple of weeks ago? Seriously, what’s up with this? Does anyone know? Is it like fluoride in the water? Is someone messing with our minds? What gives?

I know, random post. I had no other ideas tonight.

8 thoughts on “I thought I was the only one who had this thought…

  1. Ditto. Just had this thought last night. It just came in. I remember thinking, was I present all these sixteen years? Because it feels like only a couple of few like 8 or 9 years into 2000.

    This is a twilight zone if many others are experiencing the same essence to the speed of time. Wonder what it means? At this moment, I don’t have one idea, as your post literally just brought into my awareness I had same thought the other evening. Very very interesting. And Creepy? Quite a bit.

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    • Time is speeding up. It’s scary. What is going on?
      And the really weird thing is this–I thought I was just perceiving time speeding up because of my age (the older you get, the faster time seems to pass). But the first person who noticed this was my daughter who is only 22. My son noticed it too. It isn’t just older people who are noticing it.


  2. We’re all traveling in a time worm hole, kicked into overdrive, walls greased by age,,,,,,I need to cleanse my pineal gland. It’s gettin outta hand!


  3. If it’s any consolation, I only recently found out what a meme is. I kept seeing the term all over the internet but had to ask to find out what it is. Same thing with gif, which I originally thought was a nasty acronym, like milf. I’m just so “uncool,” old and behind the times.

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