I’m scared.

I might be about to commit blog suicide but I have to do what’s right regardless of the fallout. Yikes. Not quite ready but almost. Deep breaths.

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  1. Otter, emotional crisis is so hard to work through, but remeber, this blog is only a tool. It’s not a living thing unless it reaches out and effects your feelings too intensly.

    I’d vote for putting it down for a time till the dust settles in your heart and mind. Maybe delete later if you’re more calm and still want to delete. Now I’m being presumptious assuming that by blog suicide you mean getting rid of it, but either way, you’re a joy and treat to read. I’ll miss you if you stop writing. Still , you have to do what’s best for your recovery. Anything that inflames or causes pain can’t be good long term. A toast to you and all your blood , sweat and tears you’ve poured out for us to see and use in our own journey!

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  2. Sometimes you have to set aside what you love in order to deal with the chaos others have deposited in your brain. It is better to intentionally deal with it now, than to attempt to continue to carry such a heavy load. Vincent Van Gogh created more than a thousand paintings in ten years, but eventually committed suicide. I have recently had to lay aside my own paintbrush and take time to untangle my real obligations from the guilt trips my parents have burned into the depths of my heart. Don’t be afraid. Those of us who have suscribed to your blog will automatically get an email when you create another blog, and we will remember how you helped us make more sense out of our own pain. We are rooting for you, and look forward to reading more of your insights.


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