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I guess I’m feeling like a victim today.  Both this and my last post are all about me wallowing in self-pity.   Eh, I’ll get over it but I need to vent.   This will be short though. After that … Continue reading

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The wait is too long.

It’s 6:51 PM. I would normally be starting my therapy session right now, but my therapist is out of town this week. 7 more days seems like 7 more years. Sigh. Once you become attached to your therapist, even once … Continue reading

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Introverts fear confrontation.

I came across this individual’s forum post on The Personality Cafe in a weird way. My article “Why Family Scapegoats Become Lifelong Victims,” (which has become my most viewed article ever and is still gaining momentum on the web), was … Continue reading

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“Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Rage”

I don’t generally like the sort of comparisons I see so often that stigmatize BPD as a less stable, “crazier” form of NPD, but it’s a fact that people with both disorders have problems with rage, and their rage can … Continue reading

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Chronic rage is a trap, not a trophy.

If we are survivors of narcissistic abuse, we are all at different stages of our recovery. If we are just coming out of a relationship with a narcissist or in the process of going No Contact (which is the best … Continue reading

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Are narcissists “mean people”?

Most of us know mean people–people who always seem grouchy, grumpy, snappish or who rarely smile. They may be sarcastic, biting or negative. Mean people are easy to dislike, and if we’re well acquainted with the topic of narcissism, it … Continue reading

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Narcissistic Rage

Originally posted on Grace for my Heart:
It’s Narcissist Friday!    ? The anger is always there. It lies just under the surface, almost waiting to erupt. When it is finally released, it will be dedicated to burning and destruction.…

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Why are some things so annoying?

This is a fascinating article in Psychology Today about what makes certain things universally annoying. In a nutshell, the things that annoy us most are things that are both repetitive (clicking a pen over and over, for example) and unpredictable … Continue reading

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NPD vs. BPD: they are not the same thing!

Articles like this one make me want to rage. The author, Doug Bartholomew, a licensed social worker, believes that people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) are pretty much the same as people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). He even goes … Continue reading

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The “fleas” of narcissism and being Aspie.

Fivehundredpoundpeep just posted this article yesterday, expanding on yesterday’s post about fleas acquired from narcissists who abused us, but this one from the perspective of an Aspergers sufferer who was horrifically abused and devalued by her sociopathic mother, MN sister, … Continue reading

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