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My problem with pens.

I have a house full of old, nonworking pens.  It’s not because I want them.   Keeping up with pens and throwing away old ones is one thing I never seem to bother keeping up with.    Whenever I need … Continue reading

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Plumbing nightmare.

I’ve avoided posting about this because it’s been both so infuriating and so depressing I don’t want to “contaminate” my blogging pleasure just to write about it.  But write about it I will,  because the situation has reached a point … Continue reading

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6 ways to turn things that annoy you into hilarious blog posts.

This ever happen to you? Yep, it’s beyond annoying. I bet you could write something funny about it. Let’s face it. Annoying things are funny.   If you can look at the humorous side of the things that drive you crazy, … Continue reading

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“So, I hear it’s gonna be a bad one this year!”

Originally posted on Lucky Otters Haven:
“Sooooo….I hear it’s gonna be a rough winter this year.” ARGGGHHHH! I hear this every single year, starting in about August. It drives me insane. First of all, how does anyone know how rough…

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Why are some things so annoying?

This is a fascinating article in Psychology Today about what makes certain things universally annoying. In a nutshell, the things that annoy us most are things that are both repetitive (clicking a pen over and over, for example) and unpredictable … Continue reading

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10 things that piss me off

In no particular order (I hate them all about the same!) 1. Tailgaters. Really, you’re in THAT much of a hurry? 2. People who text while driving. It should be illegal in ALL states. When you text and drive, you’re … Continue reading

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