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“Get out of my yard!”

One of the funniest signs I ever saw (taken by someone else). Advertisements

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Hop on over the border, Vicente. We need you here.

God, I love this man.  Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, is full of snark and insights.  Here, he tells Trump why “Mexico is not going to pay for that f*cken wall,” among other things.    The jab about … Continue reading

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17 ways you know you’ve become a news junkie.

It sure seems a lot longer than four and a half months since Obama was president, doesn’t it? Like maybe a whole decade or twenty or even a hundred years ago.   With so much insanity bombarding us every day … Continue reading

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Tornado magnet.

Stay safe, everyone living in the line of the tornadoes and severe storms that are barrelling though the country right now.

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The best trio of bumper stickers ever.

I try to avoid political stuff, but this was just too funny and true.   There’s nothing that special about the individual stickers, but the order is what makes it so great.  Almost everyone I know that isn’t a Trump … Continue reading

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It’s April Fool’s Day.

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Everything Old is New Again, Ancient Hieroglyphics Modern Emoji

Originally posted on The Tony Burgess Blog:
Hieroglyphics were ancient Egypt’s way of communicating. Emoji is how we do it on cell phones today. They both seem to be very similar ways of sharing information in symbolic form. I found…

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Republicans have selective empathy.

This video from Bill Maher had me rolling.   What he says is so true.  

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