This guy sure has the Christmas spirit!

My son saw this guy with his car at a gas station, so he took this picture. Haha! Or even better, Hoho!

Life is full of surprises.


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      • The surgery turned out to be very minor. When the surgeon told me that it was some kind of skin cancer and that he could not remove it in his office using just a local anesthetic, that it had to be done in the hospital under general anesthesia — I assumed that he was going to remove a much larger area than he did. But all he did was remove the growth on my forehead and the growth on my neck. He didn’t biopsy the lymph nodes in my neck, even though I told him that the nodes have been feeling swollen and tender for about a month. He felt the nodes and said he thought they are normal. So I am relieved, but also hoping he did not miss anything. And I don’t understand why this couldn’t have been done under just a local anesthetic.

        I still have a headache though, which I have had ever since Thursday night, when the numbing medicine wore off. And I am not the type to get headaches. My forehead feels as though it was attacked with a power sander, actually. But it looks okay. Just a minor wound held together with steri-strips. The bonus is that he pulled my skin tight, to cover the hole, and now my forehead lines are almost gone.

        Oh duh… maybe the tightening of my skin is causing my headache? Yikes I hope it goes away soon.

        Surgeries and general anesthesia and the big C word — I don’t like.

        I hope you are well, Nyssa.

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        • Wow! what an experience! I’m glad it wasn’t anythjng too serious. That sucks you had to go into the hospital for the surgery though. A few years ago I had a precancerous spot on my nose, and they were able to remove it right in the doctor’s office (they basically burned it off). But it wasn’t cancer yet, so maybe that was why. Skin cancer isn’t as bad as other kinds of cancer, but it’s definitely not something to mess around with either. Sorry about your headache!

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          • I’ve been reading about skin cancer, and I discovered that there has been at least one documented study done, which proved a strong correlation between stress and skin cancer. I also found a website that’s run by a dermatologist, who said that she had a patient who was going through a lot of severe stress in her life, and during this stressful time, the patient was producing skin cancers “like popcorn.” After the woman’s stressful situation was resolved, she stopped having skin cancer.

            My daughter had a precancerous growth removed from her face, during the time when she was going through a devastating breakup. As for me, this has been an unusually stressful year, between moving, some serious family health issues, my colon surgery in June, and on August 3rd I stupidly called my mother, after getting a very sweet card from her in the mail. I was hoping she might have changed with age. Yes, she has changed, all right — she’s gotten worse. During that brief phone call, she said the most horrible thing that she has ever said to me in my life. I was devastated.

            I wonder if that’s what caused these skin cancers to suddenly appear on my face and neck, a few weeks after that phone call. It makes sense that there would be a correlation. Were you going through a particularly stressful time, when you had the precancerous growth on your nose?

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