Snowbound blogging.


We’re expecting a big snowstorm here in western North Carolina starting in about 24 hours.   They’re saying we might get up to two feet!  (I’ll believe it when I see it).

Since I’ll be pretty much housebound, as long as I have power, my plan is to write some new blog posts and catch up on some reading.    I’ve been getting lazy about doing both, but if I’m snowbound, I have no excuses to not write!

I’m not a winter person, but I’m still looking forward to sipping hot cocoa and spending several days in intimate contact with the written word, cocooned by a world of white.  If we get the two feet of snow, I doubt I’ll be going to work on Monday.

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  1. Love these kinds of posts from you Lucky! You will be snowbound and I am getting packed for a cruise with my family. They most certainly weren’t my narcs after all!

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  2. Definite prediction of how much rain, sleet, ice, or snow we are going to get here seems hard to get. I’m hoping for mostly rain and snow. Ice tends to bring down tree limbs on wires. When the doctor told me not to drive for at least a week after my prostate operation, which was Monday, I kind of over did it on stocking up, aiming for at least two weeks, so if I’m snowbound, I have plenty of supplies, and a generator in case the power does go. Reading and writing sound like a great way to spend the time. And, since I’m not supposed to lift more than 5 pounds (10, next week), I have a perfect reason not to shovel snow. Oh, pictures, let’s not forget pictures.

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    • It’s coming down hard now! I’m safely inside though, so I’m safe. And I don’t have to go anywhere, so I can actually enjoy watching it from inside. Hope you’re doing better. I left you a comment under your new blog post.

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      • I’m glad you are safe and warm and can enjoy the view.

        We were supposed to get up 6″ of snow here in eastern New Mexico, between last night and today. But we didn’t get anything at all, just sunshine and blue skies. We did get 10″ of snow back in the middle of November. But that snow has long since melted. Earlier today I found some wild flowers blooming in our back yard! The climate is definitely changing.

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