Indulging my diving fascination.

The snow from Diego (since when did they start naming winter storms?) is coming down hard, and I’ve spent much of the day watching diving videos, and being reminded of summer.

I’ve been fascinated by diving (both Scuba and freediving) for the past couple of months.   The underwater world is in its own dimension.  It’s like being on another planet.    I can understand why so many divers think of the sport as an almost spiritual experience.  At the same time, the many dangers — and the great depths — associated with diving make it terrifying, but I think that’s part of its allure to me.  I’m also fascinated by the kind of people who have the guts to take such risks — and get to experience such beauty as a reward.  (I’ve also been watching cave diving videos — yikes!)

I’m not sure I ever want to try diving in real life.   But modern technology lets me experience it vicariously, with none of the dangers.

I fell  in love with this video.   Be sure to enlarge it so it fills your computer screen to experience the full effect.


10 thoughts on “Indulging my diving fascination.

  1. Lauren, that’s amazing! The scorpion fish, and that giant clam, wow! It really is a whole other world.

    My daughter has gone scuba diving several times, once off Cancun, I think it was, and last May she and her boyfriend went scuba diving in Hawaii — while that crazy volcano was erupting! I was worried! But she’s like that, she has always wanted to push the limits.

    I don’t know if I would ever be brave enough to do that. Going up in a hot air balloon on my fiftieth birthday was wild enough for me. At least I didn’t have to breathe through a little tube!

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  2. Here in Ireland we had storm Imogen a few years ago. My narc-ex delighted in the use of her name as people’s houses were washed into the sea, not ten miles from where she lives. Ya wouldn’t be up to them.


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