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How I stopped worrying and learned to love my hair.

  I rarely — or maybe never? — write posts about beauty and fashion.    There are plenty of bloggers — most of them much more glamorous and fashionable than I — who write about those things much better than … Continue reading

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Who am I…where am I going?

This afternoon I laid down and meditated for awhile on God’s purpose for my life, and where he is leading me. God has a purpose for everyone.  We’re at our happiest when we submit to his will and not to … Continue reading

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Gals’ night at home.

My daughter and I had a nice time girl-bonding tonight.   I’m not the type that gets into female bonding in general ( most of my platonic friends have always been male), but every once in a blue moon, I … Continue reading

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The subway musician.

The following story intrigued me and I think there’s a lesson here about appreciation that gets lost as we grow older. Small children are fascinated by everything, but that fascination soon becomes indifference or even boredom as the cares of … Continue reading

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“The Survival of the Fittest”

The Survival Of The Fittest By Audrey Michelle, Spoken Word Artist. “Sad Angel” — Photo by Nimiko Nara Stranded in the ends of time A mind that needs to unwind Living too much within a past That pain consumed and … Continue reading

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