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10 reasons why Trump’s ‘war on Christmas’ is bogus.

Why am I bringing this up in July? Because HE did. This infuriating article appeared in today’s Huffington Post: Trump Launches the War on Christmas in July Trump has railed on about the non-existent “war on Christmas” for the past … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

Here is my favorite Christmas TV special ever. I’ve watched it almost every year since I was a small child. I always felt like I could relate to Charlie Brown–self doubting, a worrywart, a little avoidant–basically an introvert who tries … Continue reading

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The worst toy I ever had.

Originally posted on Lucky Otters Haven:
Christmas, 1966.   For months I’d been begging my parents to buy me the hottest new toy the commercials were telling me I just had to have: a walking, barking dog called Penny the…

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Are Christians Being Persecuted During the Christmas Season?

Originally posted on Jesus Without Baggage:
Thanksgiving is behind us and the Christmas season is now officially underway. Do you know any Christians who feel persecuted by others during this season? Here is a simple chart you can share with…

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Here are My 5 Christmas Wishes for You

Originally posted on Jesus Without Baggage:
It is less than two weeks until Christmas, and I am sure you are already deep into the Christmas spirit—doing all those busy things we do during this season leading up to the big…

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9 ways to survive the holidays.

Originally posted on 12/12/15 Now that Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas season is officially here. That means crowded stores, grumpy drivers clogging the roads on their way to and from said stores, horrible office Christmas parties, commercials showing perfect happy … Continue reading

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I’m stuffed, grateful and relieved it’s over.

We had a really nice day. The temperatures were in the 70s today and there was on and off rain all day. I felt more like I should be saying “Happy Easter” than “Merry Christmas.” We had dinner at my … Continue reading

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O Come All Ye Faithful.

I’m not a big fan of Christmas music, but I make an exception for Christmas eve and Christmas Day. Tonight I attended Midnight Mass at my church and O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fedelis) was sung as the mass … Continue reading

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No white Christmas this year.

I’m not a big fan of snow or cold weather, but this entire month has been unseasonably warm, and after two or three days of moderately cold weather (but still above freezing), the springlike weather is back. Her’es a screenshot … Continue reading

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How to write every Christmas song ever.

Want to write a Christmas song? My son wrote up these 7 easy tips today for doing so. 1. Begin with sleigh-bells, fade in instrumentation and use sleigh bells as an accent. Fade out with sleigh bells. 2. Rhyme snow … Continue reading

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