This Christmas is kind of a bummer for me.


The house is  all decked out for the holidays more than it’s been in years, thanks to my daughter’s efforts.  But a couple of incidents have occurred in in the past  24 hours that have really put both of us in terrible moods and darkened our holiday spirit with worry and sadness.

I don’t really want to talk about what happened, because it’s not really a huge issue (no one died or is deathly ill)  and like all things, it will pass, but it’s ruining her Christmas so much she has been in tears for 24 hours.  As a person that is much more empathic than I ever used to believe I was (I think some of my natural empathy got freed up through therapy and self analysis), her low mood is affecting my own emotional state in a very negative way.    Any Christmas spirit I had feels like it’s gone.

I’m trying to make the best of it, going through the motions, and by tomorrow perhaps I will feel better and be able to enjoy Christmas day.   Gift giving is always fun and I have prepared a wonderful lasagna (my own Christmas tradition) and have a delicious buttercream chocolate/peppermint cake for dessert.

Another issue is I have drifted away from my church and religion in general (long story) and although I want to attend Christmas morning mass tomorrow, I doubt I actually will.

I’ve been having a lot of doubts about Christianity.   I blame much of this on the way Christianity has been poisoned and corrupted by American right wing evangelical/dominionist preachers, politicians, and megachurches.   Like a person with a specific phobia of elevators whose phobia generalizes to include all enclosed places, my entire outlook on Christianity (even the good kind that actually follows Christ’s teachings) is becoming poisoned.

I know the cure for this is to resist my negative feelings and go to church anyway, but every week I say I will go and then I don’t.    I can certainly understand why so many people these days are becoming atheists, especially younger people.    American right wing Christianity is turning good people away from God completely.  And why wouldn’t they?    Sociopathic people in power have made a God in their own image:  a merciless God that is sociopathic, cruel, punishing, impossible to please,  narcissistic, and who takes sadistic pleasure in endlessly and cruelly punishing the hapless humans he demands worship from.   I know that’s not what real Christianity is about, but the compassionate, Christlike Christians don’t seem numerous enough, and certainly aren’t loud enough.   Instead of fighting back, they turn the other cheek.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Winter Solstice celebration.  I hope you are happy this holiday no matter what you celebrate and aren’t bogged down by stress and worry.

Oh yeah.  That reminds me.  The Winter Solstice.  The days are growing longer now, and that makes me very happy.


12 thoughts on “This Christmas is kind of a bummer for me.

  1. I’m having a terribly sad Christmas as well. I won’t get into it because you are sad enough without having a stranger add to it; but know that my heart is with you.

    I also understand what you’re going through with the GOP usurping Jesus himself. They’re giving all Christians a bad name. I’ve been having serious doubts too. I’m still praying though.

    I have hardly ever commented on your blog; but I love it. Yours was one of the first I saw about narcs when I started trying to figure out was wrong with my loved (?) ones.

    Keep your chin up and I will too.

    Thank you for your dedication to service; and Merry Christmas (I know, bah Humbug).
    Lynn in Wisconsin, missing my son in Asheville

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    • Lynn, I am so happy you love my blog and it’s helped you.
      It’s hard to be so far away from your son….mine lives in Tampa and it’s very hard to go months at a time without seeing him.

      I’m glad you’re commenting now, better late than never. And yes, the fake Christian nutjobs are doing the same thing to Christianity as ISIS and the Taliban did to Islam. Politics and religion should NEVER mix: it corrupts both, and leads to fascism and violations of human rights and even crimes against humanity. it always does. Our founding fathers were wise to make sure church and state were kept separate. Mixing them has never come to any good, any time in history, ever. And never will.

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  2. I am sorry you guys are feeling down but I truly hope you have a Merry Christmas after all. I know what you mean about church as well. I haven’t set foot in church since 2016. My eyes are opened to all of the hypocrites, fear mongerers and racists. It doesn’t sit right with me that they get to be self-righteous without taking the plank of out their own eye. And I am or more like a lapsed Catholic. But I have no urge to step into church. I have to worship God on my own terms now.

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  3. You arn ‘t the only one with a. crappy Christmas. I had been feeling.very ill around the holidays. So here in a hospital for Christmas Eve having been diagnosed with diabetes. I had it before and cured it with a vegan diet. Now it’s back thanks to the SAD life here.

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    • Oh, no! I am so sorry to hear your news. Diabetes is no joke. Will you be taking insulin?
      Sending my prayers, and hope you feel better soon. Try to have a nice Christmas anyway.


  4. Dear Lucky and Friends, political churchians make me want to vomit. Seems like every campaign time, politicians sport a (KJV) Bible, then shortly after getting into office … guess that Bible gets returned to the local library. i don’t trust a one of them, and i only vote, because if i don’t, i’ll get a lecture from a certain family member, who was in the war.

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