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Self-care in turbulent times.

The trendy term “self care” irritates me the same way other trendy terms tend to irritate me, but it’s actually a good phrase and good advice. I had two days off from work this week due to the snow, and … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday (a day late): My Christmas present to myself.

This was originally posted on December 21, 2014, when I’d only been blogging for a little over three months.  So much has happened in three years!   But this is a pleasant little memory, so I may do this again this … Continue reading

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Empathy burnout and the normalization of the unthinkable.

While I don’t hold Trump or his administration directly responsible for the increase in mass shootings and killings this year, there definitely seems to be a lot more of them than ever before.  I think the national mood where people … Continue reading

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Sometimes the little things

…make a world of difference in how you perceive yourself. I haven’t had my hair styled professionally in years.  I finally grew tired of the same old boring look and decided to get my hair done today.  I chose a short … Continue reading

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Foot soak.

I worked a long, grueling day today and am sore all over, especially my feet. Right now I’m sitting with my feet submerged in a big pot of hot water with lavender scented Epsom salt. They’re starting to feel tingly … Continue reading

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Why you should never jump into a new relationship after narcissistic abuse

The Wheel of Abuse Not all abusive relationships involve physical abuse. Emotional and mental abuse can be every bit as damaging, and sometimes more so. (Click image to make larger). A new friend of mine (a survivor of several abusive … Continue reading

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