Sometimes the little things

…make a world of difference in how you perceive yourself. I haven’t had my hair styled professionally in years.  I finally grew tired of the same old boring look and decided to get my hair done today.  I chose a short (but not too short) layered hairstyle and had honey-blonde highlights put in too (although naturally blonde, I’d been dying my hair to cover gray roots, and the build-up of the dark blonde color I was using made it way too dark).

The hairstylist told me (correctly) that my hair was “fried.”   But she made it look terrific and I feel so much more attractive, and that gives me a boost of self confidence.  It’s amazing what changing your look can do for your self esteem.

If you’re feeling down about yourself, go have your hair done, or do something else nice for yourself, like having a massage or getting your nails done.   It might sound trivial and shallow but it really works!

Here’s my new do:


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  1. Looks nice. Love the color too.

    Funny, just before I sat down to look at my ‘Reader’, where your post was right at the top, I glanced in the mirror and thought, “I want to cut my hair so bad. I’m so tired of the length.”

    I’ve been cutting it myself. But I can’t seem to really get that length as short as I want it.
    I color my hair too, from a box but mine gets lighter with time.

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    • What color are you using and what brand? That’s funny you had that thought about your hair just as my post came up at the top of the reader.
      I usually cut my own hair too, to save money. I’d basically just grab it at the bottom on both sides and slice off an inch or two. I didn’t dare try to style it myself, lol!

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      • The brand I like is Naturcolor. The color is mullein blonde. It comes out looking strawberry blondish. I love it. It’s the front of my hair that fades to blonde while my roots get a ratty gray and the back keeps the original tint. I’ve contemplated getting it cut REALLY short and just letting the color go.


        • I used to use Naturtint and before that Herbatint, but they made my scalp itch for the first day after I colored it. Naturcolor doesn’t do that though. All these brands are listed as non-toxic. Whole Foods carries them all too.

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    • Mine, too, used to just keep getting lighter and lighter (and more and more fried) when I did my own color.

      I finally started buying those “Couleur Experte” kits by L’Oreal and doing my own double-process highlights, first covering my grays with a medium brown (light brown washed right out) and then going back in a day or two later with the bleach to highlight.

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      • The hairstylist told me to get “Beautiful” by Clairol. It’s available at Sally’s. It’s the same thing as Loving Care, which was great and less harsh than other hair dyes (and required no mixing or bad smells) but for some stupid reason it was taken off the market a few years ago.


      • I miss highlights. A friend of mine pulled my hair through a cap the first time I got highlights. Her idea. I loved it. And it was way before the grays invaded. lol.

        I’m too lazy to do a two step process. If that’s your hair in your avatar, ibikenyc, it’s gorgeous. I love curly hair too.

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        • Why, thank you so much. What a lovely compliment! 😀

          I HATED my curls back in the late Sixties because all the cool girls had bone-straight hair. I used to literally iron it, on the ironing board.

          My first highlights were with a cap, too.

          Last May was the last time I colored it. I decided to see, first, how gray I am and, second, how it looks on me. So far I love it, but I can’t say I’m looking forward to walking around with gray to my jawbone and blonde the rest of the way!

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          • Lol, I know, like two tone. That’s why I’ve been thinking of chopping mine. It’s still got the color but if it’s short(er) it will take less time to grow out.


            • Eventually I’ll have to break down and get it cut, I know, but I’ve been wearing it long since the early Eighties and just can’t imagine how I’ll feel with above-the-shoulder hair!

              So far it’s still hidden under my bike helmet, so I just leave that on while running my errands instead of taking it off inside stores as I used to. I wish I could find and afford a colorist good enough to dye it all gray to match.

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            • Yeah, that would be a solution. Dying it gray to match, especially if it’s a pretty gray. Mine is that dark ratty mouse gray, from what I can see. Blech!

              I let someone cut my hair into a bob back in the 90s. It was the first time it was above the shoulders since I’d been little and last time it was above the shoulders since.

              I imagine keeping the bike helmet on while shopping saves a lot of time too.

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  2. very beautiful!!
    my hair was fried too and now I get compliments everywhere I go.. EVERYWHERE every day! thanks to HENNA
    100% herbal NO chemicals (brand I use,henna hut,they work even with cancer patients) hair gets thick shiny and LONG past its “set point length”
    I am almost 42 cut maybe 3 times in LIFE LOL, but felt soooo gooooood when I went so I know!!! you feel awesome!!!
    I did “A-Line bob” assymetrical…. my henna is burgundy..but they have blondes/light brown

    your face looks pretty for being serene!

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    • I bet it looks gorgeous! I didn’t know there were shades of henna in blonde and light brown-I’ll look into that. I thought about getting a bob but my hair is so fried only layered would really do.


      • if you stick to henna its like gaining a new head of hair.. ive used it non stop since 2008…
        the blonde is cassia and amla.. the light brown is a VERY light brown (one of my faves) comes out dark blonde.. ive used them all even the mohogany which is close to black.. I love them all… plain henna will give you strawberry blonde…they have many options. I DONT KNOW what id do without my henna hair colors!! because they are also conditioners (with permanent conditioning effect)

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  3. I don’t work for them.. I just checked and my pic is still at
    they own henna hut..SAME company I always recommend because no PPD (BAD STUFF) no bleach ,ammonia.resorcinol etc nothing but rich colors.. the browns are plain browns no red in them. so no fear that all henna colors are gonna be bright red lol
    anyway my hair grows a foot past any length ive had it in life..from thin brittle breaking blonde and flat to thick and shiny and looooong…healthy for you! no odors.(well its like a mud pack and smells like spinache haha) its FUN.

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      • me too! ya leave it on for 1-3 hours … everyone should use henna! theyd never want to use anything else after
        salons don’t like to talk about it because chemical colors all say “don’t use after henna”
        its permanent… so… you cant use it and then use a box color.. I have found one brand that I can so .. I don’t end up with green hair lol…. but with henna no need to want a box color again… unless a person is DYING to go blonde like platinum blonde…then I don’t recommend henna.. it wont come out…but I can go from darkest red to dark blonde…so im ok:) cant do highlights they might turn green.its sad these things scare people away from henna when its sooo amazing…double thick hair and long and permanent SHINE. (coats hair shaft with a shine permanently that’s also why hair will grow long,seals shaft)

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  4. some brands put bad stuff stick to henna hut. ive tried others. they sick lol im sorry.
    its a 100 gram bag (powder)and i use it 3 times(just add boiled water) so that’s economical too.
    you just make a paste and apply.just add water.


  5. Cannot vouch for this, as I have not yet tried it, but

    is a place where hairdressers of, it seems, varying levels of experience and expertise can seek “heads” on which to demonstrate their abilities.

    I signed up originally to be notified by more than just a single daily digest email, and my inbox was BLOWN UP! I scaled it back to the once-a-day notification.

    ALSO: I assume many of these are Millennials; there is sometimes a ridiculously-short lead time.

    However, all it takes is one good fit, and it takes me usually less than thirty seconds to scan the email. There is someone on there right now seeking curly hair, but their site seems to be down for maintenance.

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  6. doing henna (deep red) as I type..about to go rinse! lovely week this week, all in the 70’s. I MIGHT even venture outside… getting ready for Spring each year usually means a makeover for me too.
    even just a $1 new lipstick…. anything to feel Springy.. doesn’t Spring usually feel more like the “new year” for new beginnings, than January 1st!?

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