Sometimes the little things

…make a world of difference in how you perceive yourself. I haven’t had my hair styled professionally in years.  I finally grew tired of the same old boring look and decided to get my hair done today.  I chose a short (but not too short) layered hairstyle and had honey-blonde highlights put in too (although naturally blonde, I’d been dying my hair to cover gray roots, and the build-up of the dark blonde color I was using made it way too dark).

The hairstylist told me (correctly) that my hair was “fried.”   But she made it look terrific and I feel so much more attractive, and that gives me a boost of self confidence.  It’s amazing what changing your look can do for your self esteem.

If you’re feeling down about yourself, go have your hair done, or do something else nice for yourself, like having a massage or getting your nails done.   It might sound trivial and shallow but it really works!

Here’s my new do: