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The mystery ship.

Credit: Unknown photographer.  This haunting photo is very similar the way the old battleship appeared to me as a child. I have a vivid memory of myself as a mosquito-bitten, golden-tanned and skinny little girl of seven and eight years … Continue reading

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HBO documentary about social class.

“Class Divide” is a fascinating documentary that takes a look at the sharp socioeconomic contrasts in the quickly gentrifying Chelsea neighborhood in New York City between the wealthy students who attend the very expensive Avenues private school and their like-aged … Continue reading

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2 weird dreams I had as a kid.

  I was a weird, sketchy kid who had weird dreams. When I was about 5 I had a dream about something called a “clout” that looked like an oversized steel wool pad. It was sitting on the small rug … Continue reading

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Surrounded by beauty.

I went back to the beach this morning (I finally got up early), and the tide was the lowest I’ve seen it, and it was still going out. Sandbars stretched pretty far into what was covered over by water the … Continue reading

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The worst toy I ever had.

Christmas, 1966.   For months I’d been begging my parents to buy me the hottest new toy the commercials were telling me I just had to have: a walking, barking dog called Penny the Poodle.  Even if you’re old enough … Continue reading

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Okay, Tony Burgess, happy now?

Tony Burgess wrote a post telling me to post something new right now. I was going to take a night off, but now I’ll feel guilty if I don’t, so here’s a new post. I was a weird, sketchy kid … Continue reading

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A lifetime of writing (part one).

Writing, as opposed to the spoken word, has always been my preferred mode of communication. While it’s true I’ve never published a book or made a real career of it, I have a deep love of words and the rhythms … Continue reading

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A rare opportunity.

Life doesn’t present you with many opportunities to make amends to people in your distant past, but yesterday I had just such an opportunity. A woman I knew back in the 1970s when we were in 7th and 8th grades … Continue reading

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Letter to my child-self

Me at age two. For most of my life I wanted to pretend you didn’t exist. You embarrassed me and made me look bad. You cried too much and made scenes. You were weak, sickly, scared of everything, and easily … Continue reading

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The furnace.

In 1968 our family moved to a Dutch Colonial three-story house built in the 1920s. We only lived there for five years, but the memory of that house is etched into my mind like veins of quartz in granite. Some … Continue reading

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