25 things that gross me out.


I admit it.  I’m easily grossed out. That’s why I could never work as a nurse.    In this list I’m only including the things that most people don’t think are that disgusting (that’s why you won’t see vomit, poo, or green phlegm here), or things that seem very specific.   I think some of them are pretty weird.

Things That Gross Me Out

  1. The sight of blood pouring out of someone’s mouth.  Seeing blood (even a lot of it) doesn’t necessarily bother me.  But when I see a movie or show where blood is spurting from someone’s mouth and nose I have to look away.  I can’t stand seeing that.
  2. Long fingernails that are not polished. They don’t have to be dirty.  I never understood why women want long nails if they’re not going to polish them. I think it looks nasty. I have no idea why it bothers me but it does.
  3. Dried spittle, especially when it forms white strings.
  4. Dishwater left with bits of food floating in it.
  5. Ketchup and mayo mixed together.
  6. Any kind of slimy shellfish.  I can’t look at them or eat them.
  7. Eye gunk.
  8. Edematic skin that looks red, tight and shiny with veins visible.
  9. Putting in someone else’s pierced earrings.  I can’t do it.
  10.  Boiled squash.  I don’t care for the texture of pumpkin much either.
  11.  Eating chicken skin.  Something about the texture is just ew.   Same thing with tripe (besides the horrible smell).
  12.  Bone visible through a gash.
  13.  Shiny bald heads with scabs or dry-skin scales.
  14.  The sound of someone eating, chewing, smacking lips, etc.
  15.  When someone talks and you can hear wet mouth sounds while they speak.
  16.  Mayo on almost anything.  (In tuna salad or deviled eggs, it’s fine).
  17. The bottom of a refrigerator, where water pools and mixes in with bits of food and eventually a pinkish mold grows there.
  18. The inside of a raw Thanksgiving turkey.  I love stuffing, but I always have to get someone else to stuff it for me because the way it looks and feels makes me gag.
  19. Eggs with gooey yolks.  Even worse: when I’m with someone who is dipping their toast into the runny egg and swirling it around in it, I feel like puking.  Even worse still:  the part of a cooked egg white that for some reason doesn’t get cooked and you get a mouthful of viscous slime.   Blargh.
  20. The slimy feel of the rim of a used drinking glass when you trying to wash it.
  21. Bread that has had raw tomato on it and turns pink and gushy.
  22. The jelly-like coating on an opened can of cat or dog food.
  23. Insect fragments and carcasses in windowsills.
  24. Thinking about someone getting their ear cartilage pierced.  Shudder.  I don’t know if it’s because I think it’s disgusting or if it’s more like that horrible way you feel when you hear someone scraping their fingernails on a blackboard–not exactly gross but horrible just the same.
  25. That foam you sometimes see in stagnant pond or lakewater

I think that’s enough.  I need to stop before I heave.


ETA: 2 more I just thought of.

26. the feeling of chalk, powder, or dried clay on my hands.   Not gross really, I just hate the feeling of it.

27.  “Surprises” when I’m eating. I hate, hate, hate when you bite into something expecting one thing, and taste something you didn’t expect, even if it’s something I would have liked if I had known what it was.    Or eating something designed to look like something else.  Like a cake done up to look exactly like a pot roast and veggies.   Just ew.  Keep it away from me.

Apparently a lot of people suffer from Trypophobia, the fear of clusters of holes.    If you Google it, the images that come up are a little unsettling, but they don’t disgust or terrify me, like they do for some people.  I actually find these images interesting to look at.


23 thoughts on “25 things that gross me out.

  1. 😃 Sorry I absolutely do not mean to laugh at you in any way, it is just a smile of recognition – I could sign off on anyone of those that you described! They were a lot about gooey stuff, and a little bit about insects. I hate all the gooey stuff you mentioned, and I can not deal with insects. Since you raised the topic – recently I had 2 ticks on my body, and it really made me feel sick!

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      • Ticks are so disgusting! One of my girls had one stuck on the inside of her ear when she was a toddler, and I had to have my husband pull it out because I was so grossed out I was afraid I’d puke if I tried it. When he pulled it out, there was blood all over the place. Yeccchhhh!

        Ticks are one of the reasons I keep all my cats indoors — if I let them out, I would have to check them all for ticks every day, and pull out the ones I found.


  2. #3-Just bout gagged!
    #7-Another gagging!
    #14 and 15-Never have to worry about this! Except for the part where they talk with their mouth full, see I lipread and it’s no fun watching food rolling around in the mouth like clothes rolling around in the dryer.
    #18-YUP! Hate watching red meat cooking and seeing all the blood seeping out.
    #19-OH GOD! All right! All right! Afraid to go down more! But I am forcing myself to go forward! GAG!
    #23- Fragment! OH!
    Thank you for stopping!
    Bout the gaggest post I ever have read!

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  3. #3- even reading about it almost caused my coffee to come back up. I don’t think there’s anything as gross as watching somebody talk and seeing that awful stuff in their mouths. ICCCCK!!!

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