The wait is too long.


It’s 6:51 PM. I would normally be starting my therapy session right now, but my therapist is out of town this week. 7 more days seems like 7 more years. Sigh. Once you become attached to your therapist, even once a week doesn’t seem like enough. It’s very difficult to wait this long, even though I went for YEARS without seeing a therapist until I started seeing this one.

Once you start, everything changes. I’m actually feeling a little angry at him for putting me through this, even though I know he’s done nothing wrong and my anger is irrational. I still am going to tell him next week how angry waiting so long makes me, because the anger might be reflecting something else that’s coming to the surface.

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  1. Hope the wait doesn’t feel to long. This post made me remember my last therapist, he was awesome, (actually cared) I haven’t seen him in months though since I started working, but my illness is creeping back in so I may look him up again…

    -Illness Adaptation

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