So my psychopathic sperm donor’s being rewarded for being “homicidal”–WTF?


Apparently, we live in a society that REWARDS a psychopathic malignant narcissist for being a potential homicidal maniac.

The latest on my MN sperm donor’s disability case is that his PAYMENTS WILL BE INCREASED BY ABOUT 100% due to his being deemed TOO HOMICIDAL to be employable. The HUGE irony here is that it was because of the restraining order I filed on him in February of 2014 due to his physically attacking my daughter that this has been determined.

So when all is said and done, he’s going to be bringing in about $400 a month more than I make a month for WORKING MY ASS OFF just to sit around at home DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but making everyone around him miserable.

This on top of the nearly $30K he is getting in BACK DISABILITY PAYMENTS for all the years he freeloaded off me.


Do I get anything out of this? HELLS TO THE NO, I don’t. I only get the “satisfaction” of seeing this pathetic, useless malignant narcissist PSYCHOPATH rake in enough cash to be able to live quite comfortably, largely due to my being a codependent doormat for years and then standing up for myself.

Oh, and get this. He’s talking about the new car he’s going to buy when I don’t even earn enough to get my own 14 year old car a tuneup.

What the actual f*ck?

This loser should be in fucking JAIL, not being REWARDED financially for being a potentially murderous psychopathic sicko. This ridiculous excuse for a human being sits around getting high all day and trolling political websites (yes, he is one of those Internet trolls we all hate) and no matter what he does or doesn’t do, everything ALWAYS works out for this sorry POS, while I always have to STRUGGLE MY ASS OFF.

Sorry about the expletives, but I’m so mad right now I want to go break something.
His disordered swelled head, maybe?

Only in America, folks. Your tax dollars at work. :/ (No, I am not a Republican btw).


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  1. Did you think about to send your version of this story to some political, who wish to go higher in the system, than they are now? Maybe in the justice department. Sometimes you need to shout very loud to assure that someone do something. If this don’t help then use one of the big newspapers. Make a contact with a journalist, give your story and ask them to help you with some justice. Just ideas πŸ˜€

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      • I just told you the ways, as I use to react, when I feel like you wrote about. I’m happy, if you can use it. Just remember that going through the politicians first, you write to them, that if they don’t do anything about this, you will go to the newspapers. It use to work.


  2. and my friend it ain’t only in America I bet you. Evil very often seems to triumph. But, you have your free spirit now and he doesn’t. No matter how much buck he pulls in, he wouldn’t have enough, enough coke and etc etc

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  3. I feel for you. My (ex) husband wants to do the same – claim disability for PTSD, which he does not have, and wanted me to work and support him whilst he ‘chilled’ at home. I know it doesn’t feel like it at the moment, and it could take quite some time, but he will get his come-uppance.
    Much love. x

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  4. I found this out because he told my daughter. She agrees it’s outrageous. She told me he actually said “Let that stupid bitch eat her heart out.” Psycho. Arrrrrggggghhhh!!!!!!


  5. OMG, girl! I feel like swearing the air blue and knocking his head off, too! Can’t you sue the t__d for physical and emotional abuse? Isn’t this a civil rights issue? He denied you and your daughter the right to freedom from abuse, etc. Especially maddening when you think of victims ignored by the same system. No justice on this plane, but cosmic justice is just too damned slow. Wishing you well. And welcome to the club of the used-and-abused. We don’t have regular meetings because people are afraid we’ll ‘make a scene.’

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    • You are right about that! Thanks for the pep talk. Karma is a bitch, he’ll get his, maybe not this life but in the next. I can’t claim to judge the state of anyone’s soul but if Hell exists, he is going there.

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  6. What a shame that he’s getting all that money for being such a piece of shit. That sounds like a good idea to contact a politician or something. You never know, maybe you will get the last laugh after all. I’m guessing you are over 21, so it’s okay to cuss your head off.

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  7. What is he claiming for disability? Back problems or something? they don’t give disability for antisocial personality disorder, narcissism or sociopathy unless your state’s disability laws are very different.

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    • Diabetes II, knee problems (he can’t bend them properly), and a host of mental problems: PTSD (!!!) , depression, and schizophrenia (!!). He faked the schizophrenic symptoms to get a free ride. He’s good at it, and acts crazier than a loon most of the time. He’s no schizophrenic though–he’s a GD narc.
      Now that his payments are being increased for having “homicidal tendencies,” he may also have a dx of either ASPD or NPD which is much more accurate than PTSD or schizophrenia.

      I don’t know what the laws are in this state for claiming a personality disorder for disability payments. Either this state recognizes character disorders or Cluster B personality disorders as a disability, or the homicidal tendencies are due to his faked “schizophrenia” or something, which is probably more likely. I know I can’t get the psychological information but if I get the papers or politicians on this, they might be able to have a lawyer do some digging around.

      My being a codependent doormat made it possible for him to get disability because you can’t work while you’re applying. He was rejected 3 times and this whole process took several years. He is getting back pay for the 7 years he lived with me and did not work.

      Something needs to be done. I think it’s hilarious the Republicans will have a field day with this and probably be able to help me the most, because I’m definitely not a Republican.

      This all really bites because if I became disabled, I’d be out on the streets. There’s no one who would or could take me in during the application process, which can take years.


      • You may find this weird advice, but I’d leave it alone. You will have a happier life and your daughter too with an ex that has a home and some money, because otherwise he will be bothering your daughter in the future to get him off the streets. He does not sound employable real anyhow. I don’t like the fraud, but they test people enough for disability I don’t see someone acting crazy and getting away with it. They probably know no one would hire him in a million years.

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        • I see your point, Peep, and it’s a good one. But one of the reasons I want to do this is to possibly get something out of this for myself and my future, not just for the satisfaction of seeing him booted out onto the streets.


  8. Well shit. It really sucks. I think that you need to contact Social Security and see if you can get part of that. Then contact the papers, your political representative and the Conservative parties. They would have a field day with this Liberal hijacking of our tax dollars. Don’t get mad get even my friend. Good luck.

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