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I had a productive emergency therapy session today. My therapist was kind enough to rearrange his schedule to see me today, due to all my BPD/C-PTSD symptoms being re-triggered because of the ugliness and emotional abuse I’ve been exposed to following my dad’s death last week.

I thought I’d sob all during our session, but that was not to be. However, I have spent the past two days crying alone–and there’ve been a lot of tears. Not tears of grief over losing my dad, because I have not been allowed to properly grieve due to my being subtly (but clearly) “un-invited” to my dad’s memorial service as well as the high probability of being disinherited. But that’s another topic for another time. I cried because I feel so unloved and rejected by my own family. I cried because I’m so damn angry. The tears were mostly tears of…

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