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Deconstructing the confusion about my disorders.

The crazy history of my other blog. I know what my real diagnosis is: CPD (Confused Personality Disorder). Enjoy! Advertisements

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Confusing patterns.

In the almost year and a half since I’ve been blogging, an interesting picture has emerged. I started to blog after I went no contact with my ex (actually very low contact since we have children) as a way to … Continue reading

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What’s my problem?

After over a month of being convinced I’m a covert narcissist, now I’m starting to wonder if my assessment of myself could be incorrect. Most people are having trouble believing me (even good friends) and there are so many disorders … Continue reading

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I thought yesterday was Friday

W-T-F: They’re really all the same anyway. The blogger Idiot Writing (whose idiotic, WTF posts I’m in love with) just wrote a post informing everyone that today was Friday just in case anyone thought it was Thursday. Well, how ironic … Continue reading

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