I thought yesterday was Friday

W-T-F: They’re really all the same anyway.

The blogger Idiot Writing (whose idiotic, WTF posts I’m in love with) just wrote a post informing everyone that today was Friday just in case anyone thought it was Thursday.

Well, how ironic is that, because yesterday (Thursday) I thought it was Friday. I actually asked my boss why my direct deposit didn’t go in, and she looked at me like I had 3 heads and a pine tree growing out of my forehead.

I skulked out of her office liked a whipped rabbit and just wanted to somehow weave myself into the beige carpet.

4 thoughts on “I thought yesterday was Friday

  1. I always lose track of what day it is. I lose track of a lot of things. People tell me I seem like I’m living on another planet, and I kind of am. Aspies live inside their heads a lot and sometimes suffer from “absent minded professor” syndrome. We Aspies tend to be intelligent but people sometimes think we’re stupid because we’re so oblivious to things that are plainly obvious to neurotypicals.


  2. Hmmm…which is worse: thinking it is Friday and it is only Thursday? Thinking it is Thursday and it is already Friday?!
    I am GUESSING… one is a bummer, and the other is like serendipity 😉 (except if you had been in work on a Friday, NOT checked your paycheck and gone home and found they had not put it in…. lol!)


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