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A close call.

My son took this photo while waiting for the tow truck. Look at the wheel. Earlier today, my son called me. He told me that while crawling along in slow moving traffic, his car suddenly wouldn’t steer properly. He heard … Continue reading

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Little gifts on a crappy day.

Latest additions to my rock and geode collection. Life can be surprising. On the whole, today has been a crappy day, but there’s always something to make a bad day more tolerable, if you just pay attention. God doesn’t forget … Continue reading

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My Christmas present to myself

As ACONS or victims of narcissistic abuse at the hands of others, we can be nervous, hypervigilant, and constantly feel stressed out and overwhelmed. It’s so hard for us to relax and just feel happy and in the moment. Sometimes … Continue reading

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A pretty good day

Alright, so my day didn’t start out very good. Yesterday I got my settlement check from the insurance company from the car accident Molly was in last month, and this morning had to go to the bank to open a … Continue reading

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