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A pseudo-Liberal and a Conservative walk into a diner. (Sigh) Political discussion ensues…

Originally posted on The Chatty Introvert:
I was supposed to work yesterday, but ended up getting called off. So, in a state of tiredness and profound boredom, I decided to leave the house and hang out at Denny’s with a…

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A cat named Bill.

I’m just so exhausted, worn down, frustrated, and livid over Net Neutrality being on the chopping block now, and Trump saying he believes a pedophile and sexual abuser (Roy Moore) over the 9 women who have come forward.   He thinks … Continue reading

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My low frustration tolerance.

I’ve always been an impatient person, especially when it comes to trying to learning something new or getting something to work.   When I was a child, I regularly burst into tears of frustration or became agitated if I couldn’t … Continue reading

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I hate my BPD.

Sometimes my BPD rears its ugly head. It comes off as narcissism to people who don’t understand. I don’t always understand it either, and because impulsivity is a factor, when I act out in Borderline ways, I’m not even always … Continue reading

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Girl Scout Cookies and God…

Original art from Deviantart.com It’s times like this my self esteem and progress in healing seems to take a dive into the toilet. I don’t handle frustration well at all, and it can set me off on my old unhealthy … Continue reading

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I’m frustrated.

Originally posted on Lucky Otters Haven:
I started my blog a week ago as a form of self therapy and didn’t care if anyone read my stuff. Or didn’t think I cared. But I admit it: I do. I read…

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The House: a nightmare

It’s 4:42 AM. I just woke up from a David Lynch-like nightmare and am writing it out here before it dissolves the way dreams always do. At the moment I’m still in the surreal mindspace that sometimes lingers after a … Continue reading

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A pretty good day

Alright, so my day didn’t start out very good. Yesterday I got my settlement check from the insurance company from the car accident Molly was in last month, and this morning had to go to the bank to open a … Continue reading

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I’m frustrated.

I started my blog a week ago as a form of self therapy and didn’t care if anyone read my stuff. Or didn’t think I cared. But I admit it: I do. I read a lot of other blogs here … Continue reading

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