A cat named Bill.

I’m just so exhausted, worn down, frustrated, and livid over Net Neutrality being on the chopping block now, and Trump saying he believes a pedophile and sexual abuser (Roy Moore) over the 9 women who have come forward.   He thinks a Christofascist pedophile and sexual abuser is better than a “liberal Democrat” (Doug Jones), who seems like a good man.   But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  It’s all pretty overwhelming what they are doing.  I can’t even keep up with the terrible things they do every day.   It will take an entire generation, if not an entire lifetime, to recover.

It seems that all Trump and the GOP do is destroy everything and replace it with shit.  Sociopaths and bullies seem to be running everything right now and seem to love upsetting and pissing off “liberal snowflakes.” They even admit they love doing this.  Trump’s base really is deplorable, from what I have seen online.

A new kitten isn’t a cure, and it certainly won’t solve all these huge problems, but it will lift my spirits.   I know of a three month old male tabby who needs a home and I’ve been thinking about getting a new cat for a while now.  I am going to name him either Bill or Steve. Steve is funny (I love people names for cats), but my dad’s name was Bill (he passed away over a year ago)  and it would be a cool way to honor his memory.  I also used to read a comic strip with a character called Bill the Cat, so I think I’m going with Bill.

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  1. As you said, “they seem to love upsetting and pissing off “liberal snowflakes. They even admit they love doing this.” I can’t afford to please them by doing what they want. I don’t watch tv any more, just get my news from select internet programs and blogs. That’s bad enough. There are so many sensitive, empathic, sruggling good bloggers here that deserve more of my time than you-know-who!

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    • The scary thing is that if they repeal Net Neutrality, you may not get to see independent news sites anymore, or at least not without paying extra for them. This is fascism, plain and simple. They are trying to control what we get to see.


  2. Cool name for your cat. It is so hard not to get tired of it all. When I saw the number of Federal judges they are appointing my heart broke. It will take many years to recover.

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