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Trump is deliberately isolating us from our foreign allies.

Trump refuses to shake Angela Merkel’s hand at a meeting in the White House last year.  Notice how she is trying to engage him but he refuses.  This is deliberate on his part. Trump  is busy imposing sanctions on countries … Continue reading

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What I Know About Autism And NPD Families And You Should Too by Rick London

Originally posted on Rick London Syndication:
This blog story is not only a follow-up for those interested in the horrors of the NPD and/or malignant narcissist family and hiding away the “different” child in an attic or entire floor alone”,…

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Why being a Golden Child isn’t so golden.

I was raised as an only child–the second marriage for both my parents–in a narcissistic family. Only children are in an especially vulnerable position in narcissistic families, because they must serve as all things to one or both parents. In … Continue reading

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