Trump is deliberately isolating us from our foreign allies.


Trump refuses to shake Angela Merkel’s hand at a meeting in the White House last year.  Notice how she is trying to engage him but he refuses.  This is deliberate on his part.

Trump  is busy imposing sanctions on countries we have always been friendly with, creating trade wars with these countries, so now they are imposing tariffs.   This, of course, will drive up the prices of everything even higher (while our wages remain as stagnant as they’ve always been).   Notice how the price of gas has skyrocketed since we pulled out of the Iran deal?

But it’s about a lot more than trade wars.  It’s not just Middle Eastern countries Trump is reneging on deals with or putting sanctions on.  No, Trump is deliberately alienating our former allies in Canada and advanced Western European democracies (not to mention Mexico, our formerly friendly neighbor to the south),  in favor of aligning us with other authoritarian regimes, regardless of their ideology — Russia, NK, China, and Saudi Arabia are the most obvious examples.  Because none of these regimes are democracies and are in fact brutal dictatorships, they could not be of help to us.  They serve as Trump’s allies and even as his flying monkeys, even if he is only using them for his own selfish ends and to enrich himself, his family, and his benefactor cronies.

It’s entirely predictable Trump would do this. Like all narcissistic abusers, he is separating us from outside parties who could or would help us if we needed it (and we might).  Abusers do the same thing: they isolate their partners from friends & family so the victim is totally isolated & alone and has no where to turn when things get really ugly or their lives are in danger.   Isolating is a very effective technique used by sociopathic narcissists to weaken and cripple their victims from ever leaving or getting help from outside parties.  Isolationism and alienating former allies has the same effect on the populace of a country cursed with an authoritarian, sociopathic leader.

Not only will there be no help coming to rescue us after Trump has turned all our allies into our enemies, we will also be left behind technologically, scientifically, educationally, socially and in every other way, as the rest of the developed world moves far ahead of us, while we regress back into the Dark Ages.   It’s just so sad, so incredibly sad.


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  1. The only people who can save us is our congress, and they are cowardly frauds so fearful of this ruthless moron and afraid to lose their seats rather than do their job of protecting our constitution,
    it is incomprehensible to see America where it is under this man’s regime.

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    • Also Congress is run by a GOP majority, and they are all enabling and refusing to stand up to Trump. In fact, they seem to all be cooperating happily with him. The only checks and balance we have left is the judiciary, but with Trump packing the courts with far right judges, even that looks pretty tenuous. Proof our checks and balances don’t work is the fact that this president has all but proven to have committted multiple crimes, including obstruction of justice and very likely treason. Yet he (and his billionaire cronies) will probably never have to pay for crimes that would have had Obama impeached the first week. We are not a democracy anymore, we are officially a dictatorship, a country with one party rule and despotic “leadership,” We still have freedom of press, just barely — but it’s extremely crippled right now and not really doing its job well either. Soon I expect journalists to start being imprisoned and protesting/dissent to be made illegal. They are desperately trying to censor the internet too and take away our entire social safety net. This is a sociopathic administration who see this as a massive money grab and “We The People” are just collateral damage. The American Dream and the concept of “land of the free” and “liberty and justice for all” has all become a massive lie.

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      • The rep Congress is afraid to alienate the Trump base. Today Giuliani on MTP says the pres. cannot be guilty of obstruction because he is essentially the lead lawmaker of the land. In alienating our allies and moving closer to Russia they are moving toward an autocracy (Putin like) and seems no one will stop
        This but I still hold out hope that we will regain the majority in Congress and their will be an impeachment. He has given N Korean a place on the world stage that Kim Jung Hu has been wanting and will probably sell us out in the end to be able to say he has finally accomplished something.

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        • What Giuliani is trying to proclaim is that the president is above the laws of the land. They can not be held accountable for any crime because as Nixon said ” when the president does it , it is not illegal”. tRump has proven himself so far as above any laws or restraint. He did say he could shoot someone on 5th Ave and not be held accountable. Also the pres has been arrested early in this administration. Members of the press were arrested when covering a demonstration at tRump Towers in NY. They clearly identified themselves as press covering the event, but the police corralled the entire area and arrested everyone. They even took the new camera. It was videotaped and the police still haven’t apologized nor admitted to wrongdoing. I also wonder what Russia has on some congress members like Devin Nunes as he they seem desperate to not only protect tRump by to go along with his treason and graft. Hugs

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          • You’re absolutely right. They have declared themselves above the law and are getting away with it every day. Look at the things Pruitt is doing and getting away with. Trump could literally murder someone and would not be held accountable. I hate him (and all his lackeys) with every fiber of my being. I never thougth I had so much hatred in me but I’m realizing I do. I am not proud of that.

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            • It is an honest feeling derived from the facts. If you watch someone destroy your home and all you love you have a right to strong emotions like hate. Hugs

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      • Money – no, not directly.

        This is exclusively about power – total, relentless, unsleeping, *absolute* power. The reasoning:

        “When I have unchecked power, I can do as I will, and none *dare* gainsay me. Money – it’s ***all** mine. I want it, I take it – and I laugh at my prey’s sufferings as I suck them dry of blood and substance. Not just some of it – I take all of it. People’s lives – the same, such that I can and do name ***all*** people as my slaves – to use and abuse as I feel inclined.”

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  2. Pingback: “Not only will there be no help coming to rescue us after Trump has turned all our allies into our enemies, we will also be left behind technologically, scientifically, educationally, socially and in every other way, as the rest of the developed wor

  3. Thank you for this post. I wish I could have said it so well. I took the liberty of reblogging it on my site to share it. Thanks again. Hugs

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  4. I hadn’t realized he was aligning himself with Russia, NK, etc. Now I see the pattern. I’m going to mention that to my friend who is very knowledgeable about these things. I’m in Canada and people here know it is Trump, not regular Americans, who is the problem.
    About the handshaking, I heard once that he doesn’t like to shake hands because of germs.
    Is he going to get in again? I heard not, but who expected him to get in the first time. If he does it’s time to leave the country if possible. Maybe it is that time now. Do you have anywhere you could go?
    Regarding your social safety net, you really don’t have one now.

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    • I’m afraid he might — he still has a 40% approval rating here and Russia will help him. There are also efforts by the GOP to suppress voting in Democratic districts and gerrymandering. I think it’s also entirely possible the GOP may find a way to stop elections. You are lucky to be in Canada. I am trapped here.

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  5. Trump does not have allies or friends. He has co-conspirators (whom he will eventually betray), servants, vassals, suckers, and enemies. Canada and Mexico were standing up for their own needs and priorities in the NAFTA talks. They had to be punished. The EU were also standing up for themselves in trade talks, and actively trying to save the Iran deal by looking for ways to avoid, subvert, and defy the sanctions he plans, even discussing all that with Russia and China in addition to Iran. The have to be punished. China insists on (as a sovereign nation and equal) making its own economic and industrial policy and plans. It has to be punished. None of them are willing to be vassals. They must all be punished.

    But here’s the thing, none of them are giving in. They all know what happens if you placate a bully. He only gets worse. The finance and trade ministers of the rest of the G-7 have told Trump flat out to cut the crap, or else.

    What will he do when they retaliate? He will raise the ante. He will bluff. He’s a poker player. “I’ll see your retaliatory tariffs and complaint to the WTO, and raise you a few billion dollars.”

    And Putin laughs to see such sport.

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    • “Trump does not have allies or friends. He has co-conspirators (whom he will eventually betray)”

      –And just today, I read that Cohen feels betrayed and is about to sing like a canary.

      Am I surprised?

      Heck, no.

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  6. If Trump is removed from office fairly soon and Pence makes a determined effort to mend fences and behave like a “normal” President, it’s possible the international order might return to something like the pre-Trump norm. If he lasts a full term, it probably won’t. The other relationships which are developing to work around Trump — the Germany-France-UK alliance to preserve the Iran deal, the cooperation among many other countries to continue implementing the Paris accord, etc. — won’t just fade away when Trump is gone. Trump’s main legacy will be to erode the leadership role of the United States and perhaps to speed up the emergence of Germany and Japan as the new leaders of the democratic world.

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    • Pence would be better for foreign policy and would be a lot less likely to get us into WWIII or nuclear war, but I worry about his religious fanaticism. He’s a true believer and an extreme right wing evangelical who wants all gays to undergo conversion therapy (proven ineffective and traumatic) and I’m afraid that because he’s less crazy acting and chaotic, he might actually be able to get more of his agenda through. I want to see both of them taken down, and I believe both are criminals. In fact I believe almost everyone in this administration is highly corrupt, if not outright criminal.

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    • I could tell you but it’s disturbing and would take a long time. I suggest these two books though that will give you an idea: “Democracy in Chains” and “Dark Money.” I actually wrote a review of the former.


    • Our checks and balances are gone. He has just declared hikmself above the law. He’s gone full dictator. There is nothing and no one anymore to stop him. I had no idea our checks and balances and our Constitution were so fragile they could just be shredded like so much toilet paper. Each day, saving democracy here seems less and less likely. But we MUST keep fighting.

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  7. Thank you so much for writing this post. Any time I hear in the news about Trump destroying our relationship with international allies, I am reminded of how one of my parents tried to isolate the other from friends and family as a control tactic.
    This presidency has definitely brought back the awful memories I had of growing up in a home where verbal abuse was the norm.

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  8. See my chapter in “Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” titled In Relationship with an Abusive President where I detail many parallels between DT and narcissistic abuses.

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