This is a local creek.  Due to all the rain we’ve had, many areas are flooded and this creek has turned into a river!   It’s MUCH wider than it is normally.

Yes, that is wild bamboo growing on the left.

I promise I will have the Florida pictures up very soon.





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  1. I haven’t done a tour of the Highlands waterfalls, but a friend posted picture on Face Book of the Cullasaja River running high in the gorge toward Franklin. Up here, we’ve had almost a year’s normal rain already.

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          • And, they are well paid to do it. Also, part of that, especially blaming it on gays and porn and abortion and feminists, is pandering to a religious base that sees all that and the weather as signs of the end times, and climate as not the result of human activity (except sin). 😦

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            • It’s a dangerous cult and their deluded and sick beliefs are dangerous to all of us because they have infiltrated the highest levels of government and are making policy.

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            • If any of them were the only one, and preached their nonsense to a psychiatrist, they would be offered medication and therapy. Because they are many, they get to call it a religion. And they are exactly the fodder on which dictators and con-men like to feed.

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            • These evangelical nutjobs would never be caught dead in a shrink’s office — they think psychotherapy is inferior to the Bible (at best), and Satanic, at worst (just like they think most science is of the devil) There are “Christian” therapists but they mostly serve as an echo chamber for what they already believe.

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            • I was just reminded of this:

              “Victory cannot tolerate the truth, and if one displays a true thing before your eyes, you reject it for the sake of victory. He, then, who wants the truth in himself drives away the spirit of victory, for only then is he ready to behold the truth.” — Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav [translated by Martin Buber]

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