Getting unfollowed by a friend.


Someone I’ve been blogging buddies with for 3 – 4 years just unfollowed me (on Twitter — I don’t know about here on WordPress yet because I can’t keep track of who is following me and who is not so for now, that will remain a mystery).

I’m more hurt than I expected to be, since my friend and I hadn’t spoken in some time.   There was never a falling-out or disagreement or parting of the ways (that I know of), but we just sort of lost contact.  I noticed some time ago that she stopped commenting and even Liking my posts.   I did know she was very busy with her family, and writing a book too.   At the same time, I started getting politically involved and the focus of my blog changed along with that.   Maybe that’s what the problem is.   It’s not that my friend disagrees with my feelings because I don’t think she does, but I think politics is just an area she doesn’t like to focus on (and I can’t say I blame her for that, if that’s what it is).   But, I’m not sure that’s what it is.  It could be anything really.

I don’t know.  I’m kind of hurt, so I sent her a DM asking why she unfollowed me, because I really would like to know.    I valued our friendship, even though I wasn’t that great about keeping in touch or answering messages promptly.      Maybe she unfollowed me by accident — it does happen sometimes.   Since she still has an active blog and a Twitter account, I know it isn’t one of those cases of “disappearing friends” that suddenly are just gone and you have no idea what happened to them or even if they are still alive.

If you are reading this and you know this is you I’m referring to, drop me a DM or an email please?


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23 thoughts on “Getting unfollowed by a friend.

  1. That’s happened to me but my hurt kept me from asking why. I occasionally she her posts and wonder what happened. I replay every comment I ever made trying to figure out what I did wrong. Kudos to you for reaching out. I hope she responds.

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    • I keep thinking of wht I might have said but I can’t think of anything. Could be just a driftng apart. It happens but it’s always kind of sad when it does.

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      • Yes more than likely not anything you did. Circumstances some times. My therapist tells me to ask myself what else can it be. I am not the sun but I sure think I am :). Not saying that is you but it sure is me. I am a worrier.

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  2. Twitter has a glitch that they have been unable to fix since 2012 where the platform auto-unfollows. It has happened to me over the years. She might be unaware.

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  4. I can appreciate your concern because it hurts to see a fellow blogger go, especially when you don’t know the reason. I had a near similar experience. In my case, the lady was kind enough to inform me that her inbox was being cluttered and she needed to reduce the load. She enquired how to unfollow. I told her that I hated to see her go but as a loyal friend, I guided her on how to unfollow so she went. At least I was in the know.

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  5. I think asking them what happened is a good thing. They might not reply (oh, well, a bit cowardly), it might have been a glitch (you will reconnect), or she was simply purging. Had too many accounts she was following and maybe while the two of you drifted apart she made friends with other people, so she had to prioritize.

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  6. I hope you get an answer. That’s one of the reason I don’t like to talk about politics especially with everything is been going on. Good luck!

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  7. Dear Lucky, hope it’s just a glitch. And if it’s not, your friend may very well be swamped with other things. Feeling somewhat hurt? It’s a human thing.

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  8. Hi Lauren, You probably aren’t referring to me, but I vanished & was missing for awhile, too- first the email account I had for ‘blogs I follow’ disappeared after I lost password, then after my computer got hacked I lost my Twitter account, also. Finally got a new Twitter, found you there, and subscribed to your blog with my other email account. Sorry I’ve lost contact with you for awhile.


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