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I was heartbroken to hear of the suicide death of Anthony Bourdain.   I loved his shows about exotic cultures, food, and everyday life in faraway countries.  He always seemed so happy and had a life anyone would envy — traveling all over the world and writing about it for a living is my idea of heaven!  Many people would say the same thing about fashion designer Kate Spade, who also committed suicide earlier this week.

Depression and suicide doesn’t discriminate and can affect even those who seem to have great lives. We just don’t know what sort of inner demons Bourdain (and Kate Spade) struggled with.

If you struggle with depression or have suicidal thoughts or ideation, please reach out and talk to someone you trust. Don’t keep your depression a secret — it’s a medical illness, not something to be ashamed of.

Peace from Panic

(Trigger warning: this post discusses suicide. If you need help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800)273-8255 or text HOME to the Crisis Text Line in the U.S. at 741741)

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This morning I woke up to the tragic news about chef and travel host, Anthony Bourdain. Death by suicide.

Heartbreaking. And after the shock earlier this week, the suicide death of designer Kate Spade.

My husband and I love to watch Anthony Bourdain’s show on CNN, “Parts Unknown.” He was an amazing storyteller. He traveled to both popular and remote places around the world to get his stories. My favorite episodes were when he visited unknown villages, and I learned about another culture’s cuisine and way of life.

In his interesting, quirky, and cool way, Anthony would sit with locals and have in-depth conversations over a meal. People opened up to him. He had a special way of delving…

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8 thoughts on “Ask the Question. Ask the Direct Question.

    • Yes, it is. Trump’s America certainly isn’t helping. Of course, Bourdain and Spade were part of the 1%, but the darkness of these times effects everyone who opposes his regime, even if they are well off financially. Trump’s America is especially unendurable and intolerable for sensitive and creative types, I think, people like Bourdain and Spade.

      Did you know that Trump is now attacking the pre-existing conditions-exemption part of the ACA? Depression is considered a pre-existing condition, and that would mean that anyone who is depressed or suicidal would be denied healthcare (mental health care) for having a pre-existing condition! This is another genocidal policy intended to hurt and kill off the populations that are the most vulnerable (and it’s the most vulnerable — the immigrants and their children, the sick, the mentally ill, women, POC, the disabled, and the poor) that Trump hates the most. I have no doubt he is genocidal. His cruel new policy (announced by Jeff Sessions last month) of separating children from their parents at the border is proof of this. These children will have lifelong mental health issues due to attachment trauma caused by the Trump administration.


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