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Anxiety spiraling into major depression?

Last week I wrote about my son’s dissociation episodes and panic attacks.   He got some anti-anxiety medication there, but they put him to sleep so they haven’t been useful to him, and the panic has not gone away.  He’s been … Continue reading

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Linda Lee, who writes “A Blog About Healing from PTSD”  wrote this article about how she learned to deal with her panic attacks — and the advice is quite simple. GET ANGRY!  Yes, get angry.   While anger isn’t an ideal … Continue reading

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Panic attacks, dissociation, and my son’s anxiety issues.

Geometries by M.C. Escher   My son, who already suffers from OCD and ADHD (both diagnosed) tweeted this the other night: I just had one of the strangest things happen… and it was the scariest experience of my life. I … Continue reading

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Viral video of man having panic attack.

Casey Throwaway (yes, that is his real name) decided to make a video of himself undergoing a panic attack to educate people that anxiety is real. I think it took a lot of courage for Casey to make this video … Continue reading

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