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Happy Halloween!

Instead of the usual pumpkins, witches, or ghosts,  how about something unique and beautiful for Halloween: black roses! Black roses are extremely rare and grow only in Halfeti, Turkey.  They aren’t actually black, but a very dark purple that looks … Continue reading

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What is crown shyness?

“Crown shyness” is a real term that means the pattern a canopy of trees make against the sky.   They seem to avoid touching, which is responsible for the pattern. One theory is this is due to branches rubbing against … Continue reading

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Spring repotting and planting.

A few of the smaller plants on my porch.  The newly repotted money tree is on the right. It’s still early, but I think the frosts are over.   It was a pretty day so I headed over to Lowe’s … Continue reading

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Do plants get cancer?

A random thought popped into my head today. That happens to me a lot. I always find out interesting new things that way. I’m as curious about the world as a 6 year old. That can’t be a bad thing. … Continue reading

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Wild carrots.

There’s always something by the the side of the road worthy of a photograph. Even weeds like these can be beautiful. Click photos for more detail.

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Japanese maple in bloom.

Click to enlarge photos.

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My “lucky” bamboo plant

I don’t have a green thumb. At all.  I love plants, but usually, no matter how well I care for them, or how closely I follow the instructions on the little plastic card they come with, my plants still shrivel … Continue reading

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