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Sheldon’s greeting.

Rolling around crazily in the gravel driveway is the special way Sheldon greets us when we come home.   Sorry about the poor video quality. Advertisements

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A cat’s day.

I’ve always been curious about what my tuxedo cat, Sheldon, does all day.  So my plan was to spend today just following him around taking pictures and then write a blog post about it. But Sheldon is camera-shy, and doesn’t … Continue reading

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A rare moment between Sheldon and BabyCat, who usually avoid each other.   They’re enjoying their afternoon siesta.    

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Oh, to be a cat.

I watch my cat Sheldon snoozing peacefully on the bed. He’s worn out after several hours exploring outside. His sharp black and white coat blends in with the black and white pattern of the blanket he’s splayed out on. It’s … Continue reading

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Home from the vet.

Sheldon’s left cheek was swollen to the size of a golf ball, and I thought it might be an infected tooth.   I took him to the vet tonight and it turned out to be a puncture wound he must … Continue reading

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I’d rather go back to sleep.”

This is my tux cat, Sheldon, after being rudely awoken from a cat nap on top of my car.  

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My cats stole my bed!

Here are my two cats, the half-Maine Coon, BabyCat (actually my daughter’s cat), and in the bottom photo is Sheldon, my tuxedo cat.   (The lumpy part you see in the second photo is actually me!)   Bed thiefs!  

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Kitty wants in.

Sheldon’s all dressed up and has no where to go. Here he is trying to climb through a closed window.    

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Sheldon enjoys his new little bed.

On a whim, I picked up a small cat bed yesterday at Dollar General. I sprinkled a little catnip in it and waited. I didn’t think either of my cats would be interested, but today I found Sheldon curled up … Continue reading

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Re-mother’s day gift.

I’ve always liked to buy small gifts for myself when I can afford to (usually something natural like rocks or plants). Because I’m reparenting myself (with the help of my therapist and God), I decided to treat myself to a … Continue reading

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