A cat’s day.

I’ve always been curious about what my tuxedo cat, Sheldon, does all day.  So my plan was to spend today just following him around taking pictures and then write a blog post about it.

But Sheldon is camera-shy, and doesn’t really care for being followed.   So I got a few pictures of him stretching and rolling around in the driveway, but gave up after that.


Stretching. (sorry, my hand got in the way)



Scratchy gravel feels good!



“Go away, human.”


I have a different plan though, and it’s an even better one.   I’m getting one of those little cameras that can attach to a collar and will record everything he does and everywhere he goes.   It’s better than just following him around, because it will be from a cat’s point of view and can also record from tricky places that my large, clumsy human form might not be able to get to.


7 thoughts on “A cat’s day.

  1. I tried following my cat once. She went into the woods behind our summer cottage. Needless to say, she lost me easily. One time, she disappeared for three days. She came back with a scratch on her nose. A strange cat came to our door and we fed it. Our cat took one sniff of that cat and made a beeline out of there. I guess that was the cat who had scratched her.

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  2. He looks so much like my Munchie, the fearless Wonder Woman warrior of cats (though, in her old age she did draw the line at confronting bears). She was in my life for 19 years. I like the critter cam idea.

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