My new kitten Pocket.


I never posted about this, but last week our eleven month old kitten/almost cat Marley got hit by a car.

I wasn’t going to replace him, but my daughter was heartbroken, so we talked about it and decided to get a new kitten.  The new kitty, who she named Pocket, is only about six weeks old (we wouldn’t have taken it so young, but the mother was ill and couldn’t take care of her kittens).   He’s extremely playful  and friendly and already gets along great with BabyCat (pictured with Pocket) and Sheldon, my tuxedo cat.

We are not sure if Pocket is a boy or girl yet, but I’m thinking it’s a boy (it’s hard to tell when they’re this young).   I think this is the cutest picture ever.


A rare moment between Sheldon and BabyCat, who usually avoid each other.   They’re enjoying their afternoon siesta.






My cats stole my bed!

Here are my two cats, the half-Maine Coon, BabyCat (actually my daughter’s cat), and in the bottom photo is Sheldon, my tuxedo cat.   (The lumpy part you see in the second photo is actually me!)   Bed thiefs!




BabyCat settling back in.

B-Cat’s (her “homegirl” name) is adjusting well and Cleo and Sheldon even remember her, and there don’t seem to be any problems so far.    Here she is lounging around like a slugabed today.



“Time is always melting, but why should I give a damn about your human obsession with time and clocks even though there’s one of your infernal stress-tickers melting right over my head.   I will not be micro-managed. Now give me my Fancy Feast, please.”

Coming right up, your Royal Majesty.


Just need to vent here too about the terrible time I just had getting these photos to upload.  I never had trouble doing that before.  They just refused to load into my picture file, no matter what I did .   I finally got so aggravated I gave up and went over to Paint where I just copied and pasted them there, and made copies which I filed with my documents.  Pain in the butt, and time consuming,  but it worked!

Babycat, the barking cat is back home.

My daughter is no longer dating her ex-boyfriend and has been staying with me for the past couple of months while she saves to get an apartment of her own. You who have followed this blog for awhile may remember BabyCat, who she took with her when she moved in with her (now) ex. BabyCat stayed with her father (my ex) for awhile, but now she’s back, looking no worse for wear.   She knows she’s a looker.  She’s not a Maine Coon, but she looks a lot like one.

BabyCat’s the only cat I ever met who “barks” when she wants attention:  really, a very scratchy, deep throated “mrow,” said quickly so it comes out sounding almost like a dog bark.


Babycat got back her looks!

I have posted about Babycat before. She’s my daughter’s favorite of our 5 kitties, and is a very affectionate and sweet cat. In my first post about her, I talked about her alopecia and possible skin allergies (probably due to the horrible case of fleas we had last summer). She wasn’t looking quite like herself, and her beautiful mane was gone and her fur was patchy.

Then she went through quite an ordeal when my daughter took her to live with her shortlived psychopathic ex, Paul. He made it very difficult for us to get her back, and placed her life in danger.

Babycat has been back with us for a few months and she looks so pretty again. all her fur has grown back. I also switched her from a diet of all dry food to canned food once a day, and I think that helps too.
Here are some photos I took of her this morning.



That’s Dexter standing there in the doorway. 🙂
One of the coolest things about Babycat (and one of the cutest too) is the fluffy and soft jet black toe tufts between her toes. She doesn’t mind at all when I massage her toe tufts.

Saying goodbye to Babycat

A few days ago I posted some photos of my pets.  Babycat, who is 5, used to be a beautiful semi-longhaired tabby that looked exactly like a Maine Coon.  She has always been extremely affectionate and people oriented, but she was always my daugher Molly’s cat first.  Since the time she was a tiny kitten she always had a special relationship with my daughter.

babycatfluffball babycatfluffball1
Babycat before she lost all her hair.

A few weeks ago, Molly moved out of our home and is now living with a nice, well educated man named Paul who works as a med tech.  He is quite a bit older than she (he is 38!) but he seems to genuinely care for her and I don’t get any negative vibes from him.   In fact, he’s much better than the various boys she has dated in their early 20s who only care about partying, sex, and getting high.  Most of them still live with their parents too.  Paul has a good income, his own house,  and Molly and he are already in a serious relationship and decided to move into his house, which is larger than mine and has a much more modern kitchen with all the latest appliances.

Babycat has been staying with me, but I have 4 other cats and a dog, and she’s really not the sort of cat who cares to be around other cats too much. She is naturally high strung, jumpy and neurotic but has become more so since Molly left.   Since Molly has been gone, Babycat has been depressed, walks around looking lost, and has lost weight and chewed out large patches of her beautiful fur,  to the point she now looks like a scrawny shorthair tabby instead of the luxuriously coated Maine Coon lookalike she used to be.

Babycat looking patchy and depressed.

I have been feeding her separately from the other cats, and feeding her a high calorie diet, mixed with the occasional raw egg for her coat, but she hasn’t shown too much improvement appearance-wise, although she doesn’t seem sick.

Paul and Molly stopped by tonight to pick up a few of her things, and to talk about Thanksgiving plans.   I talked to them about Babycat, and Molly agreed it would be best for her to take her back to their apartment.  She would get plenty of attention and only have to deal with one other cat (Paul’s cat).   Most importantly, Babycat will be with her mommy, Molly, who has always been closer to her than anyone else in our family.   I think we made the right decision, and with one fewer cat around my small house, the rest of the cats have a bit more space to themselves.   I’ll miss Babycat, but I think this is the right thing to do for her.   They also plan to take her to the vet as soon as they can,  to rule out any serious medical problems.