My new kitten Pocket.


I never posted about this, but last week our eleven month old kitten/almost cat Marley got hit by a car.

I wasn’t going to replace him, but my daughter was heartbroken, so we talked about it and decided to get a new kitten.  The new kitty, who she named Pocket, is only about six weeks old (we wouldn’t have taken it so young, but the mother was ill and couldn’t take care of her kittens).   He’s extremely playful  and friendly and already gets along great with BabyCat (pictured with Pocket) and Sheldon, my tuxedo cat.

We are not sure if Pocket is a boy or girl yet, but I’m thinking it’s a boy (it’s hard to tell when they’re this young).   I think this is the cutest picture ever.

Babycat got back her looks!

I have posted about Babycat before. She’s my daughter’s favorite of our 5 kitties, and is a very affectionate and sweet cat. In my first post about her, I talked about her alopecia and possible skin allergies (probably due to the horrible case of fleas we had last summer). She wasn’t looking quite like herself, and her beautiful mane was gone and her fur was patchy.

Then she went through quite an ordeal when my daughter took her to live with her shortlived psychopathic ex, Paul. He made it very difficult for us to get her back, and placed her life in danger.

Babycat has been back with us for a few months and she looks so pretty again. all her fur has grown back. I also switched her from a diet of all dry food to canned food once a day, and I think that helps too.
Here are some photos I took of her this morning.



That’s Dexter standing there in the doorway. 🙂
One of the coolest things about Babycat (and one of the cutest too) is the fluffy and soft jet black toe tufts between her toes. She doesn’t mind at all when I massage her toe tufts.

Meet my pets

I meant to post earlier about my pets, but I had to make some space on my phone to take new photos. This morning I finally got the opportunity. I have 5 kitties and a dog, Dexter. Each of them has their own unique personality and hopefully these photos capture some of that. I’m posting the cats in the order I acquired each one.

chunks2 chunks1 chunks3

Chunks is about 9 or 10, so she is the oldest of the group. Her original name was Ione, but it didn’t stick and Chunks is who she became, and from these photos you can see why. She looks like a meatloaf! Chunks spends most of her time sleeping, and (surprise!) eating. At night she likes to sleep at the foot of my bed and sometimes licks my fingers. I think she must be part Siamese because of her bright blue eyes and and loud meow.

babycat1 babycat2 babycat3

Babycat is 5. She was adopted by my daughter as a tiny kitten whose mother had been killed by a car. You can’t tell from these photos, but Babycat used to look like a Maine Coon and had gorgeous semi-long fur and a bushy tail. But she is very nervous and jumpy, and has a habit of chewing her fur until she pulls it out. I think she also may have a skin allergy because she is also missing fur in places she can’t reach, like the back of her neck. When I have the funds I plan to take her to the vet and find out what can be done so she grows back her beautiful fur. But Babycat is also very friendly and affectionate, as long as you don’t pick her up (she will squirm to get loose). She gets along well with Chunks, but seems to prefer to keep her distance from the other kitties.

sheldon1 sheldon3 sheldon4

Sheldon, my black and white tuxedo cat, came to my home at the same time as Cleo, but they aren’t from the same litter. He and Cleo are about 4. Of all the cats, Sheldon is the most people oriented and can be downright doglike in his demands for attention! He will follow you around meowing and he announces himself when he walks into a room, chirping and trilling like a bird. He loves my dog, Dexter the most and wrestles with him more like a puppy than a cat. Sheldon’s also the most likely to get into trouble, knocking things over (for attention I think!) or scratching the furniture. He’s a funloving guy who loves to go out, and will not leave you alone until he gets his way. The first two photos show him begging to go outside. It was very hard to get him to stay still long enough to get a good photo!

cleo cleo1 cleo2

Cleo is an easygoing kitty and very small. She still looks like a kitten. But don’t let her delicate appearance fool you. She is a world class hunter and often brings home a “surprise.” She has even captured rabbits and other animals much bigger than a mouse! She can run up a tree faster than you can say “Boo” and knows how to get herself back down too. She gets along well with everyone and while not as affectionate as Babycat and Sheldon, doesn’t mind being pet and occasionally even carried around. Sometimes she jumps down from a perch on the cat tree and rides around on my shoulders. The first photo is one I took of her during the summer.

Mr. Biggles:
mrbiggles1 mrbiggles2 mrbiggles3 mrbiggles4

Mr. Biggles is about 3. He is a handsome guy and as you can see, he’s the most photogenic of all the kitties. He knows how pretty he is because he’ll actually stop and stay still for the camera. He’s an easygoing, chill guy who gets along well with everyone but he’s terribly clumsy, and often misses when he tries to jump to a high surface. Nothing phases him though, and pretty soon he’ll try again. He’s fearless. He also loves his beauty rest.

dexter2 dexter3

Dexter with Mr. Biggles:
dexter1 dexterbiggles

Dexter is a very pretty black lab/Dachsund mix (he mom was a Doxie) who we adopted from a neighbor when he was about 4 or 5 months old. He’s a very sweet, affectionate boy and loves car rides more than anything. He likes all the cats, especially Mr. Biggles and Sheldon. He will whine for attention and loves to run. He’s a terrible watchdog though, and rarely barks unless he is playing.

Here’s a couple of bonus photos I took of the cats on the cat tree in the living room, after I sprinked some catnip on it. The brown and white cat in the bottom left side of the photo is Isaiah, a friend’s cat we are watching while he is away.

cattree1 cattree2

Click on the photos to enlarge.