My new kitten Pocket.


I never posted about this, but last week our eleven month old kitten/almost cat Marley got hit by a car.

I wasn’t going to replace him, but my daughter was heartbroken, so we talked about it and decided to get a new kitten.  The new kitty, who she named Pocket, is only about six weeks old (we wouldn’t have taken it so young, but the mother was ill and couldn’t take care of her kittens).   He’s extremely playful  and friendly and already gets along great with BabyCat (pictured with Pocket) and Sheldon, my tuxedo cat.

We are not sure if Pocket is a boy or girl yet, but I’m thinking it’s a boy (it’s hard to tell when they’re this young).   I think this is the cutest picture ever.

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  1. First off, I’m so sorry to hear about Marley. It’s always terrible to lose a pet, but I think there’s something especially awful about it when they die young. Hope you’re doing okay 😦

    That said, Pocket is absolutely adorable in every way, and I hope he-she-they are with you for many more years to come! They and BabyCat look as if they could be related; no wonder she looks a little protective, tee-hee 🙂

    Me being a writer, I always prick up my ears when I hear about something related to my writing, and it so happens that I have a character who also adopts a six-week-old kitten, and I was wondering: What do you have to do for a kitten that young? Granted, this story does take place in the early 1700s, when not as much was known about animal care, so I might leave some things out, but I figured it never hurts to ask. Also, I’m just curious 🙂

    Enjoy your new kitten, anyway! There’s something special about having baby animals around the house. Like human babies. They’re so cute, and everything is so new to them 😀


    • Well, so far, I haven’t had to do anything outside the usual for Pocket. I did buy him some kitten food which he eats separately from the other cats. I showed him the litter box which he now uses with the big guys. He learns quickly and is always playing! He is so small though, that I’m always afraid I’m going to roll over on top of him while I’m asleep haha! Good luck with your story btw!


  2. Losing a pet, like losing any other family member, is heartbreaking. Makes me sad to hear about Marley, but makes me happy to hear about Pocket, so lucky to have found a loving family of his (or her) own in an often heartless world. For a good number of years, my wife, adult son, and I have lived in a cat rescue colony, once with 17 feline members, now down to 11. Few pieces of our furniture are not torn up, and our house smells like a litter box, but we human members of the family wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for sharing the touching story and the precious picture.

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  3. Sorry to read about Marley… such a young little one to lose, I can understand how your daughter was heartbroken! May Pocket, though not taking Marley’s place in your hearts, fill the whole house with his kitten cuteness 🙂 xx

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