A rare moment between Sheldon and BabyCat, who usually avoid each other.   They’re enjoying their afternoon siesta.






Sheldon enjoys his new little bed.

On a whim, I picked up a small cat bed yesterday at Dollar General. I sprinkled a little catnip in it and waited. I didn’t think either of my cats would be interested, but today I found Sheldon curled up in it sleeping. He looked up just in time for me to get this photo.


Babycat got back her looks!

I have posted about Babycat before. She’s my daughter’s favorite of our 5 kitties, and is a very affectionate and sweet cat. In my first post about her, I talked about her alopecia and possible skin allergies (probably due to the horrible case of fleas we had last summer). She wasn’t looking quite like herself, and her beautiful mane was gone and her fur was patchy.

Then she went through quite an ordeal when my daughter took her to live with her shortlived psychopathic ex, Paul. He made it very difficult for us to get her back, and placed her life in danger.

Babycat has been back with us for a few months and she looks so pretty again. all her fur has grown back. I also switched her from a diet of all dry food to canned food once a day, and I think that helps too.
Here are some photos I took of her this morning.



That’s Dexter standing there in the doorway. 🙂
One of the coolest things about Babycat (and one of the cutest too) is the fluffy and soft jet black toe tufts between her toes. She doesn’t mind at all when I massage her toe tufts.