I’d rather go back to sleep.”

This is my tux cat, Sheldon, after being rudely awoken from a cat nap on top of my car.



BabyCat settling back in.

B-Cat’s (her “homegirl” name) is adjusting well and Cleo and Sheldon even remember her, and there don’t seem to be any problems so far.    Here she is lounging around like a slugabed today.



“Time is always melting, but why should I give a damn about your human obsession with time and clocks even though there’s one of your infernal stress-tickers melting right over my head.   I will not be micro-managed. Now give me my Fancy Feast, please.”

Coming right up, your Royal Majesty.


Just need to vent here too about the terrible time I just had getting these photos to upload.  I never had trouble doing that before.  They just refused to load into my picture file, no matter what I did .   I finally got so aggravated I gave up and went over to Paint where I just copied and pasted them there, and made copies which I filed with my documents.  Pain in the butt, and time consuming,  but it worked!