Home from the vet.


Sheldon’s left cheek was swollen to the size of a golf ball, and I thought it might be an infected tooth.   I took him to the vet tonight and it turned out to be a puncture wound he must have got in a cat fight.  His teeth are fine.   He’s back home now and on antibiotics and plenty of catnip.    The vet also noticed he had worms so he was treated for those too.




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  1. Aw poor little kitty. Hope he is on the mend quickly.

    Our cat (Ozzy) recently visited the vet for an ear infection. Second one, same ear. Not as bad this time though. Two years ago Halloween night, we were in the vet ER because his ear was gushing fluid. We think he is now deaf in that ear. He meows really loud now too. He’s an old man, but still our baby.

    Ozzy’s a tuxedo too…with long fur.

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  2. Freja sends her best wishes for a quick recovery 🙂 What she doesn’t know is that she is scheduled to see the vet herself tomorrow morning for preventive shots and a little examination 😉

    I hope you’re having a nice week, Sheldon’s health issues aside…. 🙂

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