Kitty wants in.

Sheldon’s all dressed up and has no where to go. Here he is trying to climb through a closed window.

kittywantsin1 kittywantsin2


4 thoughts on “Kitty wants in.

      • oh ok aww is he not allowed in in the daytime! I miss living in a house..always had cats that were in and out..
        I have two that have lived the apartment life for their whole 12 years…albeit.. 5 different apartments.. at least they have steps! two floors… I tried to get leashes on them and a harness for the balcony and it was not happening.. I am planning to get them a huge crate cage/open wiring style.. for the balcony I just want them to enjoy outdoor air. as we don’t own this condo and there are rules I cant make a nice enclosed “catio” for them…
        they never really act interested or longingly at the balcony.. its just my idea…
        they each got out once for a few seconds.. but never even tried again..
        my legs turned to jello.. once..
        I was upstairs.. came downstairs to find my mr fireball…. just looking at me… from the balcony!!!! through the screen….
        I instantly said
        want some milk want some milk lol
        to get him in
        my cats aren’t the smart kind.. as far as the world goes..
        they would run into cars and stuff. or lay down in front of one.. they just don’t have that instinct
        my cat straightway walked towards the egde of the railing and tried to walk on the OTHER side of the railing.. where its maybe 2 inches wide…that was years ago and ill never forget it.
        someone ELSE though had left the screen thinking it shut behind him.. and it “bounces” some when you slam it have to LOOK to make sure its shut.
        8th floor.. too high…

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