Pictures: 4/8/17


Seagulls all facing the sunset.  You should have heard the din they made!


I haven’t had time to write much, so I’ll just share the photos I took yesterday and caption them.   We had a wonderful day.  It was a little too cold to swim, but we waded in the shallow water on the beach, spent some time relaxing in the hot tub, went back to the beach at sunset where I took most of these photos, and then went to a party at my son’s apartment where we met some of his friends.   It was a fun day!


I found this shrub interesting.  Notice the fall colors on some of the leaves.  I have no idea what it is.


Looking back on the beach just before sunset.


A romantic picture of my daughter and her friend as the sun sets over the Gulf.


I don’t know what these are exactly but since they were at the top of the beach, they appear to be the stumps of some kind of shrubs where the tides have come in and cut them off.


Another look at the stumps.  I think they’re fascinating.




So moody!  I love this.



Seagulls at sunset.  They were sure noisy!



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    • It’s cheap, at least where he lives. And the beaches are the best! I’d love to live here but there are 3 big disadvantages: 1. lots of crime, 2. terrible drivers (no, really!), and 3. everything except the panhandle (the most boring part of Florida) is probably going to be underwater in 12- 20 years. But yeah, I do love coming here.


  1. A*W*E*S*O*M*E*!!!!!! As you know, I am taking an extended break from the blog world, but this morning I wanted to see how my friend Lucky is doing, and you are on vacation in Florida with your son and daughter! Seeing this post makes me feel very happy. ❤ 🙂

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    • I’m having a blast — AND I’m so happy to see a message from you! I hope you are doing well and your book is coming along. I feel very blessed that the weather has been so perfect.

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      • YAAAAY for perfect vacation weather!!!

        I am doing very well, thank you. My neurofeedback therapy is having such a profound positive effect on me, that my husband, my stepdaughter who lives with us, and people at our church, are saying they can actually SEE the changes.

        A church friend recently told me that she is now recommending neurofeedback to everyone she knows, because of the huge difference she has seen in me. I am so grateful for this! I will be writing a blog post about it, soon.

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