Early winter sunrise.


This is what greeted me this morning on my way to work!  Life can’t be all bad!

Soon I will start feeling better and get some relief from my severe SAD.   The winter solstice was two days ago (or is it three?) so the days are already getting longer.  I’ll start feeling the effects late next month.

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      • Yes, thank you very much!! I left you a note on the reblog… I am catching up on answering messages received during the last 24 hours…. lol The Christmas preps didn’t allow me to keep up to date… Sorry for the delay 🙂 xx

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          • 🙂 Do you have many parties to attend to? I only go to 2 this year, one for Christmas (tomorrow night) and one for New year’s Eve, both at my parents, and a simple supper with my best friend someday in between. I find it a lot les stressing than accepting to go to a bunch of cousins’ and friends of friends’…

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            • I don’t go to Christmas parties. (1). I pretty much keep to myself, almost a recluse–so I don’t really get invited to them (which is fine by me!) and (2). I never attend the office Christmas party. I hate them. Bah humbug! 😉

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            • I don’t go to office parties either… I don’t understand the fun of spending the night with people I already see more than my boyfriend… Plus, our company charges us 25$… Let me think about it – NO! lol

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  1. Oh, that’s beautiful 🙂 I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not, but winter sunrises and sunsets always look so much more colorful. Maybe it’s the angle of the sun striking the earth that makes the colors look so bright? Or maybe it’s just because everything else seems so colorless?

    Anyway, here’s to your SAD getting better! Just gotta hang in there 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

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