A happy ending to my DMV ordeal.


I need an antidote for last night’s list 23 Things I Hate About My Life, so I think this might do the job.

Today was a good day. The first thing that happened was I didn’t have to walk the 5 1/2 miles back to the car repair shop. I actually got picked up by someone from there this morning and brought in to pick the car up and pay for the repairs. That’s another little blessing I might have taken for granted in the past. They’re almost always there if you are paying attention.

Anyway, in order to put enough miles on my car to see if the check engine light would come back on (it did after 60 miles–which means I failed the second inspection but was able to get a waiver at the DMV almost right away, which means I can go get registered tomorrow–FINALLY!), I decided to drive to the Light Center in Black Mountain. I described my experience there last year. I’m not a New Age sort of person at all, but I found this place special and instinctively knew it was a good space when I first went last year. Rather than working against my Christian faith, I felt like it actually enhanced it. So since I had to drive a long distance today, I decided to go again.

The light therapy room wasn’t open yet, so I spent a little time in the prayer room upstairs, which is held in a geodesic dome. The acoustics are odd–everything echos but not in an unpleasant way. I sat down and spent some time talking to God and I felt He was there with me and that everything was going to work out today. I felt a sense of relaxation come over me and I didn’t even notice the pain in my upper back anymore (I suffer from back muscle strain from my day job). I took this photo of the inside of the prayer room:


In the light therapy room (which is free–everything is free of charge here), I sat down in one of the soft partially reclined chairs, grabbed a small blanket, and focused on the lights. The room is lit in order by seven colors ranging from red to purple. Each one represents the seven chakras (which as a Christian I don’t have a problem with–I believe the chakras exist). Soft music played. I started to feel a bit sleepy but then it was over. I got up, stretched, and felt very peaceful and centered.

labyrinth2 labyrinth1
2 views of the labyrinth.

I wandered around the grounds until I came to the labyrinth. I’m not sure what spiritual purpose a labyrinth is supposed to have, but I walked through its maze and looked around at the trees until I came to the center, where visitors leave “offerings.” I pulled out two small items from my purse and set them there, then walked back through the labyrinth to the parking lot.

offerings2 offerings1
Can you tell from the pictures which two items I put there? The first is the Before picture. Click to enlarge.

I drove back through the mountains and into town and as the traffic began to build up, I felt the stress return and my back and shoulders began to hurt again. Back to real life.

The check engine light also came back on almost the same moment I felt the stress return. Was this a coincidence or not? My stress level rose. I prayed for the feeling I had earlier today.

I took the car to the inspection station and got a second Failed inspection, which I knew I would get. I drove to the DMV and to my shock, was seen right away by a very nice man who looked at all my paperwork and issued me the waiver. So tomorrow I take that last step–going to the DMV’s registration office first thing in the morning and finally getting my car legal. Call me crazy, but I’m actually excited about that!

Life is so wonderful and weird sometimes.

My son said no to the DMV

There’s assholes at Carrabba’s too. But at least you get tips.

Last week my son Ethan, who works as a Carrabba’s waiter (and makes great money in tips) had a job interview with the DMV in Tampa, Florida. He thought he was awkward during the interview and didn’t think he’d get the job, especially because almost a week passed and he heard nothing back from them.

A few days ago, he started having second thoughts about working for the DMV. My son is an artist–an urban dancer and aspiring filmmaker–and could not see himself fitting into the sterile, corporate environment of working for a government agency like the DMV. I agreed but said nothing. This was his call, not mine.

Yesterday he got a call from the DMV saying he got the job. But Ethan refused their offer, knowing he’s turning down a good salary and full health coverage and other benefits government employees get. He had a few regrets after the fact, but says he knows it was the right decision.

I say good for him. He kept his integrity and had the foresight to realize how soul-sucking a job like that could have been for someone like my son, who is an HSP (like me), somewhat eccentric in his interests, and also gay. He’s what you would probably consider a “hipster.” Ethan’s a kind person and he probably would have been too “nice” to last long at the DMV. He enjoys his waiter’s job well enough, and has no problem with sticking with that until he finds something more in line with his true interests in filmmaking or something related.

But I think the fact the DMV wanted to hire Ethan was a much needed boost to his self esteem. It proved to him that he can get other types of jobs besides those in the service industry. He was starting to have doubts (I’ve told him again and again it’s not him, but the entire Millennial generation that’s having problems finding decent jobs).

For more about the soullessness of the corporate/government environment today and how it’s being taken over by narcissism, please read this insightful article by Fivehundredpoundpeep.

Just a quickie.

I have a long post I’m putting up later, so this is an appetizer (it has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m posting about though).

My son had a job interview at the DMV today. Government job, good pay, great benefits. I hope he gets the job but I also hope if he does they don’t train him to act like a jerk.


Gas in my area is about $2.15 a gallon now. I’m not going to question why, because I’m loving this. It hasn’t been this low in about 7 years.

Is anyone seeing gas for less than $2 a gallon now?