The real reason why my attitude toward narcissism changed.

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A few weeks ago, I posted a somewhat negative article about Sam Vaknin that pretty much blamed him for turning NPD into something resembling demonic possession because of his own self-hatred and hatred of his own narcissism.  I also complained about the way he appears to have combined a number of other personality disorders–BPD, ASPD (sociopathy/psychopathy), SPD, and other disorders–into a new, much more malignant, definition of “narcissism.”  (Actually, this last part does have some validity and I’m not the first person to write about it).

In retrospect, I think my Vaknin article  may not have been completely fair to him; after all, he was the first person (that I know of) who brought the problem of narcissistic abuse out into the open and got victims talking about their experiences among themselves.   He also appeared to backpedal in a video he did with Richard Grannon (SpartanLifeCoach) about a year…

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This blog is my journal. I just choose to share it with the world instead of keeping everything inside my head. I'm a recovering Borderline and have also struggled with Avoidant Personality Disorder. I also have Complex PTSD due to having been the victim of narcissistic abuse for most of my life. I write mostly about narcissism, because I was the child of a narcissistic mother, and then married to a sociopathic malignant narcissist for 20 years. But there's a silver lining too. In some ways they taught me about myself. This blog is about all that. Not all my articles will be about NPD, BPD or other personality disorders or mental conditions. I pretty much write about whatever's on my mind at the moment. So there's something for everyone here. Blogging about stuff is crack for my soul. It's self therapy, and hopefully my insights and observations may help others too.
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