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Some days I feel like everything’s hopeless.

Some days it seems like they are winning.    Now we even have State TV.    The reason we had regulations were to keep something like that from happening.    I feel like a character in Orwell’s 1984 and we … Continue reading

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Epidemic of depression.

I haven’t been reading other blogs too much lately (too depressed), but I did read this post by Bradley over at Bipolar Bear.   He describes a depression that sounds quite a bit like mine.  I think a lot of … Continue reading

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Reblog: “Why is my Life so Rotten?”

My friend and fellow narc-abuse blogger, Fivehundredpoundpeep over at Blogspot, wrote this heartbreaking post today. She’s far from alone. I think all of us ACONS have felt this way, some of us for our entire lives. I know I have … Continue reading

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