Remembering Sophie Scholl.


Sophie Scholl was a young political activist who led the White Rose resistance group against Hitler and Naziism in WWII Germany.   She and her brother Hans were found distributing anti-Hitler leaflets at at the University of Munich, and were charged with High Treason.  She and her brother were both executed by guillotine on February 22, 1943.    She was just 21 years old.   Her sacrifice and inspirational last words have special meaning for us now.

Sophie Scholl Biography (Wikipedia)


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  1. One of my girls’ favorite heroines!
    They persuaded me to stop by the university in Munich – and we ended up standing there like the bewildered, awkward American tourists we were, staring at that place where Sophie Scholl dropped the leaflets. Goosebumps moment.

    “Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone”

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