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Remembering Sophie Scholl.

Sophie Scholl was a young political activist who led the White Rose resistance group against Hitler and Naziism in WWII Germany.   She and her brother Hans were found distributing anti-Hitler leaflets at at the University of Munich, and were charged … Continue reading

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Still Cannot Believe It!

Originally posted on Bipolar1Blog:
Well the unthinkable has happened, at least for me and my ilk. We have a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, hate mongering man as president elect, who will be appearing in court for child rape charges,…

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Malignant narcissists practice black magic.

This is a really powerful video by Smakintosh of Gospel Underground, who was the scapegoat and “black sheep” of his own family but because of that, is also the only one in his family who can see the truth about … Continue reading

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