Remembering Sophie Scholl.


Sophie Scholl was a young political activist who led the White Rose resistance group against Hitler and Naziism in WWII Germany.   She and her brother Hans were found distributing anti-Hitler leaflets at at the University of Munich, and were charged with High Treason.  She and her brother were both executed by guillotine on February 22, 1943.    She was just 21 years old.   Her sacrifice and inspirational last words have special meaning for us now.

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Still Cannot Believe It!

I didn’t want to post yet another political article, but this post is too important not to share. I wish this was an exaggeration but I do not believe it is. The comparisons to Hitler are very real and I think we are in grave danger.

After our shock and sadness has passed, we have no choice but to mobilize and fight back. Violence isn’t necessary; the fight can be a peaceful one. Inevitably, people will die regardless. I’d rather die fighting the good fight than die helpless at the hands of a monster.

Numbers can overpower might and money. There are many more of us than there are the wealthy, powerful, and sociopathic. Rising up has worked before, and it can again.

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Well the unthinkable has happened, at least for me and my ilk. We have a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, hate mongering man as president elect, who will be appearing in court for child rape charges, fraud charges and racketeering charges, and who refused to release his taxes, a 40 year old tradition. All this was well known, yet people still voted for him. That’s a story for another time. My point here is what happens now? Do Hispanics get thrown out? Will there really be a wall built? Climate change control is surely out the window. Obamacare will be defunded. Goodbye keeping your children on your insurance plan till age 26 and goodbye for not being denied due to preexisting condition.

The most important and frightening issue for me as a woman who comes from a Muslim family is what’s in store for me and my family ? Yellow crescent…

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Malignant narcissists practice black magic.


This is a really powerful video by Smakintosh of Gospel Underground, who was the scapegoat and “black sheep” of his own family but because of that, is also the only one in his family who can see the truth about what their agenda really is.

I love listening to him speak, because you can tell he really feels what he is saying. He does because he’s lived it.

If your entire family has turned against you, it’s probably because one or sometimes two malignant narcissists have used cunning and deception to gaslight you and project their own evil onto you, while making themselves seem blameless and sometimes even getting others to believe YOU are the abuser and THEY are the victim. It’s a kind of sleight of hand or black magic they practice, even if they’re not aware they’re practicing it, that puts others under a powerful spell and holds them in thrall to the narcissist who has targeted you.

You may also have come to believe their lies that you are stupid, crazy, a loser, evil, abusive, or anything else that’s been projected onto you. You were the sacrificial lamb in their rite of deception.

You have been targeted because you–unlike the other non-targeted family members (or other members of a group) who are either flying monkeys or enable the narcissist–possess the ability to see the truth through the narcissist’s lies. They hate and fear that and that’s why they hate and fear you. They must diminish you and make you look bad and they are very skilled at convincing others what they say is true and you are the liar and sometimes even the abuser. They are very good at turning people against you so no one will believe you.

If someone is the black sheep of their family, or has been scapegoated or disowned, suspect a malignant narcissist in the background who’s succeeded in turning everyone against them.

The movie “Mommie Dearest” tells the story of how Joan Crawford targeted her daughter Christina and abused her for years, because Christina was able to see the empty void underneath her mother’s glamorous, “perfect” image. Ultimately, she was left out of the will and not in contact with anyone in the family except her brother Christopher (who was also scapegoated). At some point I’ll be writing up a review of the film.

The same sort of deception can be used to turn an entire community or even a nation against what is right and good, by just one or two evil people and their flying monkeys. Hitler’s Germany is a perfect example.